It’s not a secret that an Indie studio often has a unique view on the gaming genres. The horror game Beware isn’t an exception as it only takes place in a car. To provide some publicity for the game, the developers published a short demo. So, let’s start driving!

Left or right

As the game is still far from finished the demo itself is troubled with some bugs and unfinished parts. Besides this, the demo is made for left-handed people, which mean right-handed players will need to get used to the controls. But, we will ignore this and take a look at the horror aspects and mechanics of the game.

This doesn’t look shady at all.

A road trip

While Beware isn’t classified as a horror game it has similar aspects. When starting up the demo we ended with our car on a sort of camping terrain with campers left and right. Its dark outside with a thick fog and the only way to solve this problem is by using the lights of the car.

However, we aren’t on a fun road trip as suddenly a car shows behind us and the spooky music starts. A car riding behind you doesn’t sound as scary right? As it happens all the time on the road. Yet, the moment our car crashes into some trees and we have trouble getting back on the road, three people rush out of the car that chased us. The story ends with the game over screen as we are beaten to death.

It’s time to speed up when you see a car behind you.

Besides, trying to not get followed and eventually killed there is one mission in the demo where you have to follow a mysterious woman near the woods. Completing this will then unlock some new features, which we won’t spoil for you. Due to the darkness, scary music and the sudden car chases the tension keeps growing, making it suitable to actually call it a horror game.

Beware is still in development by a small indie studio so there isn’t a release date yet. However, you can check out the demo yourself on their IndieDB page. We can’t wait for the full game and see what has been added.

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