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Back4Blood, the quasi-successor to Left4Dead by the same makers, showed the first gameplay & a new trailer today during the Game Awards 2020!

Well finally! For the first time ever, developer Turtle Rock Studios shared gameplay on their new zombie co-op shooter Back4Blood. For fans who are desperately waiting for Left4Dead 3 this is just the right thing!

New Cool Trailer & First Gameplay for Back4Blood

The trailer shows that: Two trailers were shown for Back4Blood. While the first with cool background music and the second makes you want a lot more!

Reveal Cinematic

In this trailer from Back4Blood you can watch a group of four players competes against tons of zombies. Including, of course, Left4Dead classics such as the witch or the bloater.

Gameplay trailer

This trailer, on the other hand, showed real gameplay from Back4Blood. Most of all, the look of the game stands out, which thanks to Unreal Engine 4 is at AAA level.

Then the release: Back4Blood should be available on June 22nd, 2021, for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & S / X and the PC. It is not yet clear whether the game will already receive workshop support on the PC.


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