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Automaton, a new game studio located in the United Kingdom, recently raised ten million dollar to develop an tactical shooter set in a MMO world where survival is the key. 1000 players will be able to roam around and fight each other on a 12 kilometres square map. The game has no official name yet but will be released in 2018.

The game

As player you will get dropped in a highly dynamic world where thousand players will be roaming around on a 12 kilometres square map. The game will have character progression, social hubs to enjoy others company and a player-driven narrative.  It will also have a last man standing mode, where 400 players will be fighting each other. The player can choose if he wants to be the hunter or the one that gets hunted.

The game will be using CryEngine, making the huge world as realistic as possible and adding a dynamic environment. You can expect to stumble against some roaming wildlife and walk around in different weather conditions because of the dynamic weather. Furthermore total destruction won’t be a surprise to encounter in addition to blood trials, tracks, fire and water effects.

Automaton environment
A realistic world, thanks to CryEngine.

The developers aren’t new to the MMO world. Previous developers of the popular MMOs Runescape and Eve Online are working on the game. The founders are: Thompson, Riaan Hodgson and Mark Gerhard. Gerhard is also known as the previous CEO of Jagex for the game Runescape.


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