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Keine dritte Person, du sollst schließlich etwas über mich erfahren und ich selbst zu mir! Ich habe meine Reise mit der Arma 2: DayZ Mod begonnen und landete durch meine Faszination zur Zombie-Mod und später Standalone bei
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Rust Update in January Brings Trains & Hapis news! Patch Notes, Size & Start

There are many fixes in the Rust update in January 2021. Tangible innovations such as Hapis or tracks can also be found in the WIP area.

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Mount & Blade 2 Update e1.5.6: Patch notes with 26 new maps, armor & more

The new Mount & Blade 2 update e1.5.6 is the biggest content update the game has ever seen. we have the patch notes for you.

Update: Last Oasis Gets Gigantic Walls & Gates For Clans

In this Last Oasis update there are gigantic walls and new items. There is no new walker for now. We got all patch notes for you here.

Escape From Tarkov: The Best HK416 Build For Every Budget!

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DayZ Sales Figures & Player Numbers for 2020! Also Plans for 2021

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Escape From Tarkov: This Tactic Cleans Any Room With Ease

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The best Rust Starter Base 2021: Building Instructions, Tips & Tricks

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