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Keine dritte Person, du sollst schließlich etwas über mich erfahren und ich selbst zu mir! Ich habe meine Reise mit der Arma 2: DayZ Mod begonnen und landete durch meine Faszination zur Zombie-Mod und später Standalone bei
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Now Rust Gets Submarines, Underwater Monuments & Sharks

Rust receives a new underwater world in an update. That should include laboratories, sharks and new biomes. Also new submarines and harpoons.

Rust Twitch Drops in July 2021! 11 New Items & How to Get Them

Only today can you get hold of the Rust Twitch Drops by simply watching your favorite streamer on Twitch for a couple of hours.

Current events in Escape From Tarkov: is the wipe & update coming?

In Escape From Tarkov events are currently rolling over and over again. Fans are betting on a pre-wipe event for the crazy activities.

Tarkov Gets Factory Boss Tagilla – He Fights with a Sledgehammer

Escape From Tarkov gets a new scav boss who is up to mischief on Factory and is called Tagilla, who also fights with a hammer

DayZ Players Demand Volumetric Clouds! We Tell You Why

DayZ fans have been calling for volumetric clouds to come back into the game for a while now. They were removed years ago.

This days-gone mod is too brutal even for the toughest

For Days Gone there is a mod (modification) that greatly enriches the game with gore, blood and severed body parts, if you will.

Weapons Expert Rates Resident Evil 8 Weapons & Gunplay

A weapons expert responds to and evaluates the gunplay, weapons and crafting of Resident Evil 8. His view is wonderfully funny.

Fans Excited For Horizon 2 Gameplay Reveal – Only See Another Timer

At 6 p.m., fans were expecting the reveal gameplay for Horizon 2 Forbidden West. When the stream starts you will see a second timer.

Attention Resident Evil fans: First trailer for Daymare 1994

You have already played through Resident Evil 8 and the remakes of Resi 2 and Resi 3 are already behind you, then Daymare 1994 Sandcastle and its predecessor is just the thing for you! Best alternative...