James Holdsworth

An avid gamer, story lover and writer. James has always enjoyed sitting down and procrastinating with a good game of League of Legends. In his free time, James enjoys swimming, tennis and sleep. He aims to one day be a narrative designer for video games and wouldn't mind publishing a novel.

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Valnir Rok – Interview with Sebastian Rahmel

We were lucky enough to sit down with leading developer Sebastian Rahmel and discuss the past, present and future for their Viking survival Valnir Rok.

Moons of Madness – Lovecraftian Psychological Horror

Far from the colourful and cutesy world of Shiftlings; Rocket Pocket Games has appeared once again with a Lovecraftian horror-filled world called Moons of Madness.

ARK: Survival Evolved – Full Release Inbound

ARK: Survival Evolved has had a successful run, with the promise of a full release finally just around the corner. Will the release date stick, or are we in for a barrage of delays?

ARK Park – New Trailer Could Cause Copyright Issues

A second trailer was recently released for Snail Games' VR project ARK Park. Let's hope it's not too similar to a familiar Jurassic franchise.

Dying Light – Content Drop #0: Reinforcements DLC

The developers of the hit zombie survival slasher Dying Light have announced 10 free DLCs over the course of 12 months! Get their content #0 taster now!

Dark and Light – First Impressions: Sad Launch for the Fantasy Survival MMO

The fantasy survival MMO Dark and Light has been out for three days now and the reviews do not look good. It seems Snail Games has some work to do.

Dark and Light – Early Access Releases Earlier Than Expected

Snail Games recently revealed a launch trailer and Early Access release date for their fantasy survival RPG Dark and Light.

Rust – Devblog 168: Tanks, Beards & NPC Improvements

Rust Devblog 168 was released a few days ago and with it came some exciting news. Soon we'll be getting hairstyles, A.I updates and a guard dog tank!

ARK: Survival Evolved – PC v259, PS4 1.27 & Xbox v756: Beautiful Bug Fixes

Studio Wildcard dropped patch v259 for ARK: Survival Evolved on PC last Thursday. New content wasn't their intention, instead we were given many bug fixes!