Scott Crawford

Born at the dawn of the video game era, Scott continues to strive for complete mediocrity in video game playing. Whether looking up hints on a wiki, or reading up on Reddit, Scott knows the importance of not missing that bobblehead on the first play through. Having no voice for video, Scott has turned to writing as a form of expressing his love of video games. When he's not watching a let's play video, Scott collects burn scars on his arm at his day job as a chef.

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ARK: Survival Evolved – So You Want to Create Your Own Server for PC?

Have you always wanted your own ARK server configured how you want and without the restrictions set by somebody else? Here, we'll tell you step by step how to set up a server on a local PC or a dedicated server.

DayZ – Xbox One Version in the Works

A year and a half after the announcement of the Xbox Preview Program, word has finally arrived about the current state of the Xbox One version of DayZ.

Little Nightmares – New Footage from PAX East

Sneak and puzzle your way to freedom in Bandai Namco's upcoming Little Nightmares. Avoid dangers and make your way through the ominous Maw while avoiding ending up on the menu. New gameplay footage streamed from PAX East shows more details.

Hellion – Update 0.2.0 – Prep for the First Big Patch

Two weeks after the release of Hellion, developers have offered us a sneak peek at the contents of their first update and behind the scenes information.

Rain World – New Trailer for 2D Survival Platformer

Rain World is a new 2D apocalypse platformer developed by Videocult. Help Slugcat traverse the dangerous world in search of his family.

Project Zomboid – Devblog: Gameplay Video of In-Game Vehicles

The Indie Stone, developers of Project Zomboid, released a new in-game video of up and coming player controlled vehicles. Check out the four wheeled mayhem!

Empyrion – Galactic Survival – Explore and Conquer

In Empyrion - Galactic Survival, you must gather your wits and resources to escape the planet and explore and conquer the solar system.

Graveyard Keeper – Reap the Profits of Death

Lazy Bear Games announces the Summer 2017 release of "the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of the year": Graveyard Keeper.

Bioshock – Irrational Games Changes Studio Name

Irrational Games - especially known for the Bioshock series as well as the legendary System Shock 2 - has changed its name and is teasing a new project.