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Survivethis is a gaming site, which focuses on survival and horror games, even though there are other interesting titles here and there. Our goal is to further expand the Worldwide survival community and to provide every reader with exciting news, guides and reviews on the subject.

Patreon Launch – Support Survivethis.news and receive Exclusive Rewards

For more than three years, the Survivethis.news team has been working voluntarily and free of charge. For our ever-growing community we write news, guides and reviews on all sorts of titles in the survival and horror genre. Since the beginning this has been a huge financial burden for us. For this reason, you can now support us via Patreon for as little as 1 dollar.

New Dawn – Kickstarter campaign launched

The "New Dawn" kickstarter campaign has started and e-visualsoft needs your help to reach its goal of € 70,000. Also a kickstarter trailer with new gameplay material is at the start.