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Roya's interests are video games, anime, books, music, and traveling. She likes many types of games, but her favorite series is Final Fantasy. You can check out her otaku blog at
Curtain Call

Dead by Daylight – New DLC: Curtain Call

A new DlC emerges from the shadows of Dead By Daylight. Curtain calls brings a new killer, a female survivor and a new creepy map which is filled with carnaval attractions. However, if you have a phobia for clowns this might not be the dlc you hoped for.....
Secret Neighbor Disguise

Secret Neighbor – Sequel to Hello Neighbor Planned for 2018

Developer tinyBuild has revealed a multiplayer sequel to Hello Neighbor titled Secret Neighbor. In Secret Neighbor, players will team up to search the neighbor’s house to find and rescue a friend locked away within the house.
Will to live Online

Will to Live Online – A MMORPG post apocalyptic survival shooter

Ever wanted a first-person shooter that was also an MMORPG? Well, you get the best of both worlds with Will to Live Online from AlphaSoft LLC.

Day’s Gone – First Hour of Gameplay

Developers Bend Studio show off the first hour of gameplay for Days Gone. We get a look at various gameplay mechanics and touch on the storyline.
Welcome to the Game II Cover

Welcome to the Game II – Hack the Deep Web

Welcome to the Game II is a PC horror game. The player searches the deep web for clues that will lead them to the Prey and put an end to the murders connected to the shadow web.
Kaet Must Die

Kaet Must Die! – Discover your way out

Kaet Must Die! is a horror game released by indie studio Strength in Numbers. Kaet, a woman with psionic powers, must search her way out of the sewers by solving puzzles and dodging the hostile residents.