Liam Dalton

Starting with Silent Hill on the PS1, my interest in horror has only grown along with the market. Whilst I enjoy every kind of game and play them frequently, it was always a genre that stood out to me. Along with this, my writing has only grown and I now love to write stories, read books and watch movies as well as my frequent gaming. I like almost every genre, but horror is a favourite.

Meine Artikel

Frostpunk – Gamescom Demo: A True Test of Morality

Frostpunk is a new game made by the creators of This War of Mine. It takes on some dark subjects not really seen in other games.

Spooky Horror Humble Bundle – Such a Spooktastic Deal!

The Humble Bundle is offering horror games this time and they're going for a very low price. Better yet, the money is going to a good cause!

DayZ – All Features in the Gamescom Beta

New features are emerging regarding the Beta test build for DayZ. A lot of potentially game-changing fixes and content has been added.

Hunt: Showdown – Gamescom 2017: The Next Evolve?

Crytek has announced its latest project: A 19th century monster hunter. Gameplay images have emerged and have given us good insight as to what to expect.

Hobo: Tough Life – Gamescom 2017: A Homeless Simulator

An interesting game about surviving as a homeless person was at Gamescom 2017, bringing a serious take on a topic we haven't seen used before in games.

Escape from Tarkov – Gamescom 2017 Preview

We were invited to attend a preview of what's to come in the latest build of Escape from Tarkov. From the player base to weapons and even a new map.

DayZ – What’s New in the Latest Tech-Demo at Gamescom

Many changes have been made in DayZ's new beta tech-demo at Gamescom, and they're huge improvements upon the past builds. We got the chance to play it.