Gladstone Girard

A fan of horror games and movies alike. Gladstone loves what he does, both writing and playing games, especially when he can with his girlfriend.

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Witchkin – Fear Comes in Small Packages

First impressions mean everything and Coven Games has shown its potential. Witchkin promises to deliver the fear and the creativity to make us squeal!

Rust – Devblog 170: An Ore Gathering Mini-Game, Visual Loot & More

End of July update and Facepunch studio does not fail to deliver the goods. Bringing in new visual experiments as well as a new fun way to mine.

They Are Billions – Upcoming Indie Zombie Strategy Game

Real-time strategy; play with over 20,000 units at once and all with 4K graphics! They Are Billions shows to be a great upcoming title.

Breaking Point – More Than Just a Mod!

From a mod to potentially a standalone game, Breaking Point brings a lot to the table and shows that it could be the next DayZ.

Outlast 2 – Drawing New Lines in Horror

Haven't played Outlast 2 yet? Let us here at Survivethis News help you decide if getting scared this badly is worth it.

Rust – Devblog 166: Nodes, Quarries and Explosions

A new devblog means a great new content like new explosion effects, dropped items from enemies and even crates, grenade physics and fixed despawn times.