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Agony – New story trailer is terrifyingly creepy

The latest story trailer for Agony arrives with the release just around the corner and it shows how unpleasant hell is. The first-person horror game through hell is being developed by Madmind Studio.

The Sinking City – What we know so far

The Sinking City is an investigation/detective game being developed by Frogware Studios. After their success with the Sherlock Holmes series, they have combined their investigation/mystery gameplay with a Lovecraftian horror setting.

Atomic Heart – Revolt of the Soviet Machines

Atomic Heart is an adventure first-person shooter being developed by Mundfish, based out of Moscow. They recently released their game trailer and it's one of the best we've seen this year.

The Forest – From Leaving Early Access to VR

After four years in Steam Early Access, Endnight Games's The Forest has finally made a full release. They have also promised the addition of VR capability to their whole game for free.

Dead In Vinland Review – A Lost Island Of Meaningful Decisions

We got the chance to play Dead in Vinland from the French developers behind the 'Dead In...' series, CCCP, and here's what we think.

Dead Rising 5 – New Game confirmed

According to a recent post, Capcom Vancouver is going to focus all of its efforts on the latest entry in their flagship Dead Rising franchise.

Radical Heights – A Battle-Royale Reality Show

Radical Heights is a new battle royale game that is entering steam early access to compete with genre veterans like Fortnite and PUBG.

Conan Exiles – Updates Combat, Farming, Fast travel and Purge

Funcom brings Update #33 to Conan Exile which completely revamps the combat system. The patch also adds farming to the game, an exciting fast travel option, the purge and so much more.

BioShock – A new game could be under development

2k Games, after the disappointing release of their latest game in the Mafia series, have decided to go back to familiar and well-proven BioShock territories with Hanger 13 at its helm.