Anita van Beugen

While Anita is studying to become a history teacher, she spends her remaining time writing about her passion: games. Her interest lays in all kind of different genres and she follows the Esport scene closely.

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Daemonical – The Demon is waiting for you

The upcoming horror multiplayer game Daemonical will challenge you to survive on an island with a demon, and four players that might sabotage you.

Graveyard Keeper- running a Graveyard with a drunk Skull

Lazy Bear Games and publisher Tiny Builds will soon release the ''most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim'', called Graveyard Keeper. With a mixture of the Stardew Valley artstyle and dark humor, your definition of being a graveyard keeper might not be correct.

Subnautica – Beginners guide: How to survive the first hours

Since January it´s possible to crash onto an alien planet full of water in the survival game Subnautica. However, how do you exactly survive the first few hours? We help you out by talking about surviving, crafting, equipment and base building and which resources you all need for it.

Fade to Silence – Two mouths to fill in the ”Hunger” Update

Around every month a new big update appears for the survival title Fade to Silence. While most of the times a new feature or area gets added this time something completely unexpected happened. Let's just say its time to wake up one of your survival buddies.

Friday the 13th: The Game- The Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition

While Friday the 13th: the game is in troubled water with the lawsuit going on, fans will soon be able to buy the ultimate slasher collectors edition.

Call of Cthulhu – A Lovecraftian Halloween

The waiting for the Chaosium and Lovecraftian inspired horror adventure game Call of Cthulhu is almost over. Because the developers not only shared some new screenshots but also announced the release date and the pre-order discount!

Fade to Silence – Character Spotlight #5: Survivor Gani

Our Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. This time we will look at how to get Gani the Survivor and why you want her to join your base!

Fade to Silence – Permadeath with a twist

We know, love or hate the permadeath system in survival games. However, while many go the easy way Fade to Silence tries to do something different.

GARAGE: Bad Trip – A Trip down Memory Lane

While being exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, the retro zombie shooter GARAGE: Bad Trip already has found its way to Steam.