Anita van Beugen

While Anita is studying to become a history teacher, she spends her remaining time writing about her passion: games. Her interest lays in all kind of different genres and she follows the Esport scene closely.

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Raft – A future without specific details

A new update has been announced for several weeks for Raft but got hit with some delay. At Gamescom we met with Redbeet interactive to talk about the delay and their further plans.

60 Parsecs! – Survival in Space

We met with the developers of 60 seconds! at Gamescom to talk about their upcoming game 60 Parsecs! Here you get send into space with the task to survive in a rescue capsule after the explosion of your spaceship.

The Beast Inside – A Challenging horror game from Poland

At Gamescom 2018 we talked to Lucas Smaga of Illusion Ray Studios and got more information about their horror game The Beast Inside. In particular, we talk about the realistic interactions and puzzles.

KURSK- Historical adventure on Russian nuclear submarine

The historical survival adventure KURSK will be released later this year. At Gamescom, we asked the developers a few questions about the state of development.

New World – Amazon Game Studios present huge Survival MMO

When Amazon Game Studios gets combined with a survival MMO, the result is New World. We had the chance to play the alpha-demo and we can only cheer for it.

SCUM – New Information on the planned Early Access

At Gamescom, we met with Gamepires the makers of the upcoming open-world survival game SCUM. During the meeting, we managed to get a deeper insight into the planned early access.

Frostpunk – In conversation with 11 bit studios: Scenarios remain grim

What is the future of Frostpunk? Rufus Kubica met with us as Gamescom 2018 and says: It will remain atmospherically gloomy.

This War of Mine – Nintendo Switch Announcement

At Gamescom 2018 the game studio 11 Bit Studio announced the release of their survival war simulation This War of Mine for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Daemonical – A tense Early Access Preview

The multiplayer horror game Daemonical, developed by Fearem has been in early access since August the 15th. Because of that, we take an in-depth look at the mechanics of the game and the future updates.