Anita van Beugen

While Anita is studying to become a history teacher, she spends her remaining time writing about her passion: games. Her interest lays in all kind of different genres and she follows the Esport scene closely.

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This War of Mine: Newest story DLC completes the trilogy

With the release of Fading Embers, it marks the end of the story trilogy for This War of Mine. We take a closer look at what you can expect before you end up playing the story yourself.

Dawn of Man- Back to our Roots

A new survival city-builder game from Mandruga works is on its way. This time we don't venture to a new planet but we start from scratch while surviving in the prehistory.

Subnautica – It’s Time to go Below Zero

Below Zero is the new expansion of the popular survival and horror game Subnautica. To gather feedback from the community Unknown worlds made it directly available as Early Access. But what has the expansion to offer so far? We take a look at the stream, the information given, further development and what the players have to say after one day.

This War of Mine: Stories – Ep2: The Last Broadcast Announced

Last year 11 bit studio shared the news of brand new stories coming to This War of Mine, which followed up by Episode one. Now a year later, with the release date on the exact same day as Episode one, Episode 2: The Last Broadcast has been announced. Which promises to be a longer and more morale faced story compared to episode one.

Frostpunk – An Interview with lead designer Jakub Stokalski

After the release of the scenario; the fall of Winterheim the project manager of 11 bit studios, Jakub Stokalski, took the time to do an interview with us. In here we talk about the risk of roadmaps, the background story of Frostpunk and the upcoming endurance mode.

Fade to Silence – Ash is an active dreamer

Wrapping up the Gamescom posts, we also teamed up with Black Forest Games to talk about Fade to Silence. Where we learned a lot about the upcoming update.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Battling through Washington

As part of the Gamescom 2018, we were able to try out Overkill's The Walking Dead. After that, the brand director Almir Listo spontaneously answered some of our questions.

Raft – A future without specific details

A new update has been announced for several weeks for Raft but got hit with some delay. At Gamescom we met with Redbeet interactive to talk about the delay and their further plans.

60 Parsecs! – Survival in Space

We met with the developers of 60 seconds! at Gamescom to talk about their upcoming game 60 Parsecs! Here you get send into space with the task to survive in a rescue capsule after the explosion of your spaceship.