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A well-known BI-Studio leaker speaks of a new Arma offshoot on Twitter which is called Arma Reforger. It is supposed to run on the latest version of the DayZ engine! But is that really Arma 4?

What happened? For almost eight years, Arma fans have been waiting for a new game of the military simulation series. Now the leaker Biosphere999 shared some supposedly real screenshots & work-in-progress pictures for “Arma: Reforger” on Twitter. Now is the time to find out what suggests this is real!

The leaker shares this with Arma (4) Reforger

What Bohemia says about Arma 4: Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind the Arma series and DayZ officially announced that Arma 4 wouldn’t be released until the Enfusion Engine is ready. Sources known to us suggest that Arma 4 isn’t even in development yet.

But that doesn’t detract from it, because according to Biosphere999, Arma Reforger is not the official next iteration of the series either. Although it serves as a kind of test ground for the new graphics engine. The leak says it will be much less complex and only offers multiplayer.


What we can expect: According to Leaks, Arma Reforger will rather go in the direction of Argo, a tactical team shooter based on Arma 3. So it is not a full-fledged Arma 4. This won’t be a thing at least until 2025, the leaker says.

However, the new game doesn’t seem to be about tight multiplayer maps, but real Arma gameplay. The only downer: Arma Reforger ist said to be released on PlayStation and Xbox too, which underlines the idea for a shallower tactical shooter. Nevertheless, there should be modding, but that is probably limited to the PC.


So what “proves” that Arma Reforger is a thing?

  • Relatively reliable source. Has already been right at Arma & DayZ.
  • Screenshots show existing Arma assets
  • Images from a PC monitor seem to show the real workspace of the engine
  • Arma Reforger would be a clever move by the developers.
  • Bohemia Interactive has been working on an unannounced title for a while
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