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Metal is an important resource in ARK: Survival Evolved. Certain areas have larger amounts than others and some have greater risk factors. Here you can weigh out your options and decide which places you’d like to farm! We’ll also guide you towards finding a supply on the Scorched Earth DLC map. Let’s get started!


In order to create usable Metal, it must first be melted in a Refining Forge or an Industrial Forge to produce Ingots. The ratio is 2:1 from Ore to Ingots, meaning you need two pieces of Ore to produce one Ingot. You can process up to 40 Ingots at a time in an industrial forge if you have enough Ore available. There are 237 items (perhaps more as the game updates) that require Metal Ingots for creation. It’s also the key element in creating a Metal Foundation.

While Metal can be mined from normal rocks on the island, there are areas with rocks and boulders that have a significantly higher drop rate. Rocks that offer higher amounts of Metal are in increasingly dangerous and difficult to reach areas. The places yielding the most generous amounts of Metal include caves, coves, rivers, and in deep water. You can spot Metal bearing rocks by examining their shape; they have smoother and less defined edges than normal rocks. They also seem to have a gold or brassy tone.

Metal Rock
A metal rock, note it’s difference to the rocks shown on the left.

The best way to mine Metal is to take advantage of the Ankylosaurus. They not only have the highest mining rate, but also reduce the weight by 75%. The next best options include the Metal Pick and the Mantis. A Stone Pick should only be used as a last resort, as they yield very little.

Where to Find Some

There are many locations across the island that contain Metal bearing rocks. For players that don’t want to risk the dangers that come with the mountains and other hazardous areas, we recommend searching the coasts. South Haven (formerly Herbivore Island) does also has a good supply for mining. If you’re playing on a server with other players, you may find that there are little to no rocks to mine. Waiting a few in game days will cause them to re-spawn. Though, you’ll likely have a better time moving on to other places to farm.

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Generally, caves are going to be the most difficult areas to mine. On the upside, since many people don’t enjoy trying to mine for Metal nodes in caves, you’ll probably find plenty for yourself. A good cave for acquiring Metal would be the Lower South Cave (80.3° Lat, 53.5° Lon). This cave offers a lot to mine, but be warned, it can be easy to get lost and run into enemies. We caution any new and lower level players trying to score in caves. There are many creatures that lurk around and require fending off.

Whitesky Peak Trail
Whitesky Peak, with the red line showing the trail that can be followed on foot.

The Mountains

The Northern Peaks of the island have the highest density of Metal to farm. Tread carefully though, as they host a large number of carnivores. It’s also worth noting that many of these peaks are extremely steep. Falling down a mountain can be a bit of a setback, though thankfully some areas can still be reached on foot. For instance, Far’s Peak, located on the North-East of the island is nearly impossible to climb on foot. However, Whitesky Peak has a trail on the Northern side that makes climbing it possible. Both locations are said to be worth the risk of exploring due to their high velocity of resources, especially Metal.

Overall, the richest areas for farming ore are the most dangerous. Be prepared for whatever may come, and equip appropriately for the location you choose. We have included a map with common areas of Metal below; the yellow dots display the density in amounts.

Areas with Metal Rocks in Ark
The areas in which metal rocks most commonly spawn.

Scorched Earth

Much like the island, a lot of Metal can be found on the mountains on the Scorched Earth map. It does appear that the amount around the map is scarcer than that on the island. Your best bet is to search along the rivers and around the oil veins. You may also come across some of the rocks just South-West of the green tower beside the cliffs and the sand dunes. It seems that most places around the map are hit or miss, so we recommend keeping an eye out in all areas. If you think you’ve come across a steady Metal mining area, let us know in the comments!

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