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Stegosaurus, or “covered lizard”, was a herbivore from the Late Jurassic period. They were very defensive creatures and preferred to be left alone to eat the surrounding shrubbery and foliage. Their size made them an interesting target, but they were far from a tasty meal for a carnivore. With their enormous back plates and lethal spiked tail, Stegosaurus was not a dinosaur to be reckoned with. Let’s see how you handle the armoured giant in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Dino Dossier: Stegosaurus Regium

Stegosaurus regium is a fairly common sight in the southern inlets and south-east shores of The Island. While not aggressive by nature, Stegos will happily defend themselves and can land a nasty blow if provoked.

The Stegosaurus’ on The Island are worth domesticating. Their high carry weight is perfect for new players and their ability to gather berries almost goes unrivalled. If you’re looking for an early game tank with a bit of a kick, look no further.

Attribute Amount at Level 1
Health: 650
Stamina: 300
Oxygen: 150
Food: 6,000
Weight: 500
Melee Damage: 41²
Movement Speed: 100%
Torpor: 500


Stegos are large quadrupedal herbivores and are easily recognised by their distinctive back plates of varying colours. You best steer clear of their tail and the 3 pairs of long spikes the protrude from either side. They have a surprisingly small head for their sheer mass and a beaked mouth perfect for stripping bushes and trees of their leaves.

Taming a Stego

Adding a Stegosaurus to the team is something all players should consider, however it will not be a walk in the park. Although fairly slow moving, Stegosaurus regium could not be any tankier. The most efficient method of knocking out a Stego is to keep your distance and fire tranq arrows. If you’re in the early stages of your ARK playthrough and haven’t unlocked them yet your best bet is to lead the Stego into a heavily wooded area and try to get it trapped. Once stuck, bash it with a club or pelt it with your slingshot, while saying clear of it’s sweeping spiked tail, till it falls unconscious. The Stegosaurus has a knock-back attack with its tail that is not only powerful but also fairly damaging. Do not engage a Stego near cliffs!

Taming a downed Stegosaurus can be relatively resource intensive depending on it’s level. At level 1 a tame will take around 47 minutes; you will need 158 berries and 44 Narcoberries for completion. For a quicker and more effective tame try feeding it vegetables and if possible, Sarco Egg Kibble. Be ready to defend your tame from hungry predators and griefing players.

Stego hunting.
Bring your buddies, this is going to be a battle.
Taming a Stegosaurus
This may take a while.

Saddle That Stego

If you’re looking for speed then you’re probably better off with a Raptor or Parasaur because Stegos are not fast. What they’re lacking in agility and mobility, they make up for in defence. A Stegosaurus is a good early to mid-game mount ideal for resource gathering. Sure, they can defend themselves if need be, but you won’t be outrunning any chasing predators.

To mount your newly tamed Stegosaurus you’re going to need a Stego Saddle. This can be unlocked at level 30 by spending 15 of your Engram Points. To craft a Stego Saddle you will need to gather 200 hide, 110 fiber and 35 wood.

Once you’re saddled and set to go, your new Stego has a number of utilities at your disposal:


Stegosaurus are good at collecting resources from the surrounding landscape. They specialise in gathering berries and aren’t too bad at knocking down trees for thatch. Gathering with a Stego means never running out of berries to tame other ARK creatures. To go down the gatherer route, you should level up its melee damage.


Although extremely slow, Stegos are able to carry a great deal of weight. Their high health and sheer bulkiness also makes them good pack animals. If you’re looking for a roving band of Stegos, level up their weight, speed and stamina.


As stated above, Stegosaurus are not great as mounts for movement. They are strong but slow. You could level up their speed and stamina but it may not be worth it in the long run.


It is surprising how high a Stego’s base damage is when it also has such good defence. This combined with its knock-back makes Stegosaurus one of the ultimate defensive barriers on The Island. Its sweeping spiked tail is perfect for fending off multiple enemies of a smaller size. Focus on health, melee damage and a little speed for this build.

Time for Some Stego Babies!

Well much like breeding any animal in ARK: Survival Evolved, you’re going to first need to tame a male and female Stegosaurus. Place your newly acquainted Stegos in a small closed off space and set them to wander mode. When the deed has been done, the female will lay a fertilised Stegosaurus egg for you to pick up. Carefully take the egg and incubate it at the recommended temperature. Try having standing torches, campfires and air conditioners on hand to maintain the correct temperature.

A fertilised Stegosaurus egg needs temperatures between 22°C and 28°C (72°F 82°F). The egg will take 2 hours and 47 minutes to hatch and the baby won’t become an adult for around 26 hours. We recommend breeding dinosaurs when you’re a little further into the game as babies take up a lot of time and resources. There’s no point having an egg until you’re ready for the commitment.

Baby Stegosaurus.
Snowy baby.

Extra Information

  • Upon death, Stegosaurus drop raw meat, raw prime meat, keratin and hide.
  • Stegos are good at collecting thatch but terrible at collecting wood.

If you found this guide helpful, you can find out more about other ARK creatures here.




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