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As many people may already know, Studio Wildcard recently announced a sponsored mod program. Each month Wildcard will choose a certain number of mods to help financially till their popularity subsides and they are dropped and replaced by a new set. In the recent community crunch, ARK developers showcased the first mods that will be getting the company treatment. This is the first of many mod spotlights.

Studio Wildcard expressed just how excited they are for this program:

It’s really exciting times here at Studio Wildcard! I’m humbled by our great modding community and the talent that’s been on display.  We are halfway into the first month of our sponsored mod program and I’ll be bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing development of the mods in the program. – Studio Wildcard

ARK Steampunk Mod

To start things off we have the ARK Steampunk mod. This mod brings an entirely new tier of steampunk style items to ARK: Survival Evolved. The mod developer, iSpezz, has been busy at work and is excited to show off his metallic masterpieces. The Steampunk Mod contains all new structure pieces, automatic doors, dino gates, canopies and a Gazebo. Not to mention hot air balloons, automatic drills and Dr Oswald’s famous teleporter! This mod has an interesting array of items that truly give off that steampunk feel. Plus, who wouldn’t want a god damn teleporter!

Madagascar Evolved

This is a custom map based on the beautiful island of Madagascar. Survive alongside creatures from the vanilla island and Scorched Earth DLC in a world of diverse biomes from sheer-drop canyons to never-ending scrubland. The modders took inspiration from satellite imagery when building the map, making it almost geologically accurate. With the help of Studio Wildcard, Madagascar Evolved will be getting bug fixes and all new features very soon, including a new cave to explore!

It is worth noting that this mod was not only a fun project, but also used to raise awareness for the environmental degradation that Madagascar has suffered over the last decade. This is truly a mod with a message. Visit Madagascar Evolved’s page on Steam to download the map and give a donation to support the cause.

Eco Mod Pack

Known for a lineup of lovely little mods that add a touch of charm and character to ARK: Survival Evolved. Eco’s work, now sponsored, contains all new content. Time to spruce up your gardens with a bit of class, and why not display some pre-history in the brand new terrariums. Pretty and practical, these mods are worth a look.

NPC Bush People

For all you passive offline players out there, why not add some NPCs to your island. These Bush People bring quite a challenge; from stealing your items to launching an all out attack against your base. Soon these NPCs will be able to build their own huts and homes. With this mod, you’re never truly playing alone.


Like Madagascar Evolved, Roraima adds a brand new playable map. Explore an island of temperate rainforests and patchwork wetlands full of creatures from both vanilla and Scorched Earth. Inspired by tabletop mountain in South-Eastern Venezuela, Roraima places its own prehistoric touch to the lavish landscape.

Much like Madagascar Evolved, Roraima has big plans, including the addition of cave systems, visual changes and an update to creature spawns. If you like trying out new maps definitely consider this one for a wild and natural feel.


Another playable map, only this one is islands ahoy! ShigoIslands is a vast wilderness made up of various biomes spread across 5 islands. Visit the freezing tundra of the Northern Winterlands and then sail across to the island of scorching sands and arid earth. ShigoIslands is significantly larger than The Island and includes almost all creature from vanilla and DLC alike. These islands include 3 boss arenas and custom weather set to add realism and total immersion.

With the backing of Studio Wildcard, ShigoIslands recently added cavern systems, underwater caves and some mysterious explorer notes. Supposedly we’ll be seeing some strange structures across the islands soon too.

Survival Plus

This mod aims to bring an entirely new game to ARK: Survival Evolved. Have you been there and done that with ARK and are looking for more content? This is definitely the mod for you. Survival Plus changes crafting, survival, dino difficulty and adds a professions feature. The tech tree spans for centuries and goes into major detail, with technology from the stone age to the medieval era.

If that isn’t already enough, with the funding from Studio Wildcard, Survival Plus modders will be adding a trading system, a pottery wheel, a custom building system, alchemy, upgraded visuals and more!

Survival Plus.
Buying and trading items.


To finish things off is another modded map. Ragnarok is a popular map amongst the community and comes at no surprise that it was picked up by the sponsored mod program. Ragnarok has a very Skull Island feel to it with sprawling overgrown ruins and enormous creature carcasses.

The map is beautiful and wonderfully optimised, not to mention far bigger than both The Island and The Center. With Wildcard’s funding, Ragnarok creators are hard at work packing in more content that we can all look forward to. Their big focuses right now are visual upgrades and entirely new areas to explore!

We expect to see many more great projects filter through and get their time in the limelight. We will be here to keep you up to date on any changes and mod swaps. What ARK mods do you think deserve a chance in the program?


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