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Raptors are a family of therapod dinosaurs known for their speed and intelligence. The Utahraptor is the largest known member of this dinosaur family. These larger-than-man dinos dominated the early Cretaceous period, systematically taking down prey much larger than themselves. If Raptors were alive today, humans wouldn’t be. Let’s see if you can fend off a rampant Raptor in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Dino Dossier: Utahraptor Prime

Utahraptor Prime, or just Raptors, are meat eating menaces in ARK. These speedy killing machines will attack dinosaurs and players on sight, ripping them to shreds before moving on to their next target. Raptors are pack hunters and their relentless attacks, speed and strategy make them truly formidable opponents. Do not engage these creatures at night! To make matters worse, Raptors can be found all over the island, very few places are safe from these sharp-tooth speedsters.

Do remember that once you’re a more experienced ARK survivalist, Raptors can go from being your enemy to your ally. A tamed Raptor is a fast and viscous mount for any aspiring ARK explorers.

Attribute Amount at Level 1
Heath: 200
Stamina: 150
Oxygen: 150
Food: 1,200
Weight: 140
Melee Damage: 15²
Movement Speed: 100%
Torpor: 180


Raptors in ARK are fairly small dinosaurs; standing at about human height, they make for fast one-person mounts. This island sub-species is not completely scaled and actually has feathers on it’s head, tail and the backs of the arms. With surprisingly large brains for dinosaurs, a strong tail for balance and one sickle-like claw on each foot, Raptors are a sight to be reckoned with. They do come in a variety of colours though! From patterned greens to reds to browns.

Time to Tame a Raptor

Due to their high speed and fair damage output, having a Raptor mount is always a good idea. These bipedal sprinters make for perfect getaway dinos and are capable of taking down much larger creatures when in a pack. Knocking one out isn’t a problem, but catching up to one can be.

Your best bet is to throw a Bola (unlocked at level 10) at it’s feet; once immobile you and your friends can go in and start wailing on it till unconscious. Try to use Clubs rather than pointy things mind you. If you’re a little further down the Engram tree, you could always use Tranq Arrows; it shouldn’t take too many and if you’re aim is true, you’ll have a knocked out Raptor in no time.

Now since Raptors are carnivores, you’re going to have to feed them a mixture of Raw Meat and Narcoberries to tame. Again if you’re further into the game, for the best and quickest taming results we recommend using Prime Meat and Narcotics. With these basic items, the taming process can take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour depending on the Raptor’s level. But if you persevere and keep the vulnerable lizard safe, you’ll have a speedy mount in no time.

Raptor taming
Keep that purple bar filled, you don’t want him waking up.

Raptor Mounts

If you’re looking for speed then you’re in the right place. Raptors are one of the fastest land mounts available for players in the early stages of the game. With their low torpor, these small sharp-tooths can be tamed fairly easily with the right items and strategies. Although they can’t carry much, Raptors have a painful bite and will get you across the island in minutes.

So to mount your newly tamed Raptor you’re going to need to craft a Raptor Saddle. This can be unlocked at level 15 with 9 Engram Points. To build one make sure you have 110 hide, 65 fiber and 20 wood.

There are a number of ways you can use and cultivate your Raptor:


They can be speedy fighters that take advantage of other creatures’ slow turn circles. Upgrade it’s health and melee damage to create a good attack animal. Remember that they don’t have much health at all.


The Raptor is a decent meat and hide provider when killing creatures. Use them in a battle pack and you’ll be able to take down creatures much larger.


As we have already said, Raptors make great mounts to get around the island due to their speed and stamina. Don’t expect them to carry too much however.

Cavalry Mount

With the ability to use some melee and ranged weapons while riding medium and small sized mounts, Raptors become even more useful. In battle, these quick mounts are perfect for flanking, close range and long range attacks. Level up stamina, movement speed and carry weight for more of a battle mount.

Raptor pack
The battle pack assembled.

Raptor Babies!

So to make a baby you’re going to need a mummy and daddy Raptor to spend some time together. Tame a male and female and put them on wander mode in a small enclosure to allow the mating process the begin. After some time, a fertilised Raptor egg will drop for you to pick up and look after. Incubate the egg with the correct temperatures till it hatches. Be careful, eggs can be fickle and it is recommended to have Standing Torches and Air Conditioners on stand-by.

A fertilised Raptor egg will need temperatures between 20°C and 28°C (68°F 82°F). It’ll take 2 hours to hatch and about 18 hours to fully mature. Dinosaur breeding is both time consuming and resource hungry, so don’t attempt it till you feel capable. Babies are a big commitment.

Raptor babies.
A little army of babies!

Extra Information

  • Raptors are pack hunters, if you see one, it’s friends are probably not too far away.
  • They may be fast and pack a punch, but remember that Raptors are fairly squishy with a small amount of health. They’ll drop dead quicker than you expect.
  • Raptors drop Raw Meat and Hide upon death.

If you found this guide helpful, you can find out more about other ARK creatures here.




  1. Good article. Unfortunately the movies have created a huge mistake about raptors. They aren’t as large as portrayed on screen. Actual raptors were only about the size of a large turkey standing only a couple of feet high and about 4 feet in length so the movies, and this game, have them well mis-represented. They did have feathers and their closest relatives today are roderunners.


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