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The consoles are catching up! PC patch 258 is out today for PS4, as update 1.24, and Xbox One as v755. If all goes well, players across all three platforms will be completely up to date with one another and can all enjoy the five new creatures, three interesting items and some clever little fixes to ARK: Survival Evolved.

Creatures Galore

  • Hyeanodon Dirus – Oversized hyenas that hunt in packs. Perfect for preserving meats.
  • Hesperornis Avenatantes – This duck may lay a golden egg with XP boosting powers.
  • Megatherium Formipavor – A passive predator that specialises in taking out insects.
  • Megalania Muruspede – A giant Komodo dragon that can scale walls in ANY direction.
  • Yutyrannus Saevus – Furry and frightening. Instils courage in allies and fear in foes.

Interesting Items

  • Harpoon Gun – Can be loaded with Tranq Spear Bolts for easy underwater taming!
  • Motorboat – Stronger and faster than the Wooden Raft, but does require gasoline.
  • Toilet – Hook it up to some water pipes for a “refreshing” buff and some fertiliser.

Extras & Important Improvements

  • Direwolves now have pack logic like the Hyeanodon and Allosaurus.
  • Viking hairstyles have been added for men and women.
  • Alpha dinos now output the correct amount of damage.
  • More than 60 new explorer notes.
  • U.I updates and tweaks.
  • New ambient sounds and many pre-existing sounds have been modified.
  • Ballista/Harpoon Bolt now has significant piercing properties akin to the Composite Arrow.


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