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Along with the release of the PlayStation version of the popular survival game Ark: Survival Evolved, some questions were raised. The co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz of Studio Wildcard revealed his cross play plans for their game shortly before the start of the PS4 version.

Players unite – cross play between all platforms?

“For the record, if ARK PS4 does well, I’m hoping to support PC-hosted player servers for PS4, & cross-play between PS4 & Steam! Gonna be fun”

With these words, Stieglitz let many players get the kibble in their mouths. In a second post he mentioned further that the Xbox One will support cross play too. Both Twitter posts ensured to cause a lot of confusion in the community through the strongly emphasized playing between PS4 and Steam and Xbox with Windows10.


The fact is, buyers of the Windows 10 or Xbox version cannot play with players on the PlayStation 4. How it behaves with Steam is unclear. The fact that Microsoft already prevents cross play of Call of Duty between their store and Steam, speaks clearly for a separation of the platforms.

All in all, cross-game between console and PC is forward-looking. It does not matter, however, if Microsoft shares the players again in two camps.

ARK: Survival Evolved appears today, on December 6 for the PlayStation 4.


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