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PC patch v259 came out on Thursday for the dinotopia sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved. Although new content was rather lack luster this time around, Studio Wildcard clearly decided that v259 would focus solely on bug fixes and patching to improve the overall quality of the game. We salute you Wildcard, for addressing your buggy issues. PS4 and Xbox should expect to get their bug fixing patch this coming Monday.

ARK: Fixes on Top of Fixes

Patch v259 has decided to take a step back from the larger improvements and additions to focus on the smaller problems within the game. If enough mini fixes are made, ultimately ARK players will benefit. Fixes can always be better than a flashy new dinosaur, and polishing a game makes for a much better time. We have highlighted some of the worthwhile fixes for you below:

  • Traps will now always work after restarting a game/server.
  • Cooking pots will no longer create infinite dye.
  • Players will now take lava damage while unconscious.
  • Wooden cages won’t heal themselves when picked up.
  • Creatures placed in a cage will no longer glitch and float up and out!
  • Players should now be able to walk into fallen redwood trees.
  • Creature fleeing mechanics have been tweaked so that they no longer constantly run into walls. No more easy tames
  • An issue has been fixed where babies would consume more food than intended when attempting to regain health. Health regeneration no longer costs food for babies.
  • Beehives can’t be stacked anymore.

New Features, Skills & Items

Although this is predominantly a bug fixing update, Studio Wildcard hasn’t left us empty handed. Don’t worry, patch v259 does have a few interesting pieces of new content.

Sweet Sci-Fi Tapejara Tek Saddle!
  • New Item: Tek Tapejara Saddle.
  • New Skill: The Crafting Skill! Replaces Crafting speed and increases crafted blueprint quality up to a 64% multiplier on bonus stats.
  • New Feature: There is a new Corpse Locator that will shoot a beam of light into the sky indicating where you last died.
  • New Host Option: You can use your single-player settings, editing all in-game settings to be more balanced for an individual player. Add bUseSingleplayerSettings=true to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Host Option: Unofficial servers and single-player can disable structure placement collision allowing you to place structures that are able clip into terrain. Add bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Host Option: Fast Decay! You can enable this option to set a specific decay speed for structures. Add FastDecayInterval (default is 43200) to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Icons: For kill, death, speech and talking.


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