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PC patch 258 is here for ARK: Survival Evolved! We have all been spoiled with 5 new creatures instead of the usual 4, a motorboat, harpoon gun and working toilets! So let’s get on with it and talk about the crazy critters and contraptions Studio Wildcard has decided to add to their ARK island.

Creatures in All Shapes and Sizes


Basically bigger and badder Hyenas; these pack hunters will work as a team to secure the kill at all costs. Wild Hyeanodons usually travel in groups of 6 and will even opt to retreat if they feel outnumbered. If you’re interested in owning one, don’t even think about approaching the pack Alpha; instead sneak up on the cute puppies and give one of them a little pat till it becomes your best bud. You can keep on petting your pup to buff it’s damage and resistances! Unfortunately you can’t ride these howlers, instead you may use them as canine pack mules with saddlebags perfect for preserving meat and giving your Hyeanodon some extra armour!


Unfortunately not flyable or mountable, these coastal divers prefer a more watery setting. To tame a Hesperornis offer it some fish that you have caught and killed yourself. This over-sized duck has the chance to lay golden eggs that when fed to small non-rideable tames gives them a 500% temporary experience buff! Be warned, they do not always lay a golden beauty.


Patch 258 has decided to add Megatherium into the game. Similar in size and stature to Chalicotherium, this large sloth-like mammal is a passive predator but can be a danger when provoked. The Megatherium seems to specialise in killing insects and will even receive a brief buff increasing their damage dealt to any pesky bugs in the vicinity. These gentle giants will be excellent for harvesting chitin once you’ve tamed one with some honey.

Just a huggable lovable sloth.


Cousin to the modern day Komodo dragon, Megalania has managed to waddle it’s way onto the ARK island. You’re able to tame one with meat and similar to the Thylacoleo, this mega lizard can scale walls. However, what makes this reptile special is that it can climb in any direction including upside down! We have all be warned to switch to first-person when riding on ceilings, unless you want to get dizzy. Anything bitten by Megalania will be given rabies, decreasing their health and stamina for a short period of time.

Making it possible to attack from any angle.


We have all heard a lot about this strange furry dinosaur and it seems that patch 258 gets the honour of bringing it into the light. Yutyrannus looks in many ways the same as any of the other big carnivores on the island, well aside from it’s feathery fur! This fuzzy dino can be tamed with meat and has two very special abilities known as the Courage roar and the Fear roar.

Bound to the right click, the Fear roar terrifies all nearby enemies and grows in power with each blast. This fearful de-buff reduces an individual’s damage output and at max strength will cause them to flee! The Courage roar on the other hand is bound to the C key, rightfully so. This roar will improve ally morale and will raise their damage output and resistance by 25%.

Now be warned, Yutyrannus is no easy tame. This leader dino will always spawn with 3 wild Carnos that will fight for it once instilled with confidence by the Courage Roar. The good news is however, that even after being tamed, the Yutyrannus is still able to call for aid from nearby wild Carnos!

Three New Items

Harpoon Gun

We finally have a underwater crossbow counter part with patch 258! The Harpoon Gun can be loaded with new Spear Bolts or Tranq Spear Bolts to take down or tame any aquatic creature. Now you can swim into the deep dark depths feeling a little more prepared.


If you’re sick of being a pirate and looking to upgrade to a modern day sailor, well look no further! The new Motorboat is stronger and faster than the Wooden Raft, but does run on gasoline.


Yes this is a funny little addition to ARK, however it actually has a purpose. When the toilet is hooked up to a water pipe system and used, your faeces will be turned into fertiliser and your character will be given a special “refreshing” buff that rewards an ex boost! It’s all fun and games till it actually has awesome benefits.

Primitive Plus

Don’t forget about all the interesting additions and fixes to the Primitive Plus DLC:

– Added Industrial Forge
– Added Industrial Cooker
– Added Alchemy Bench
– Added Sorghum
– Added Soybean
– Added Spinach
– Added ARK Cannon
– Added Coal resource
– Added Steel Locker
– Added Sticky Bomb
– Added visual and sound indicators for exploding barrels
– All ARK engrams updated
– All ARK saddle engrams updated
– ARK chair engram added
– Re-added mailbox engram

– Replaced P+ Adobe with S.E. Adobe
– Removed Meat Preserving Shed
– Removed Modern Wood Fiber Storage engram
– Removed Apiary/PP+ Honey.  Beeswax can now be found in the ARK beehive.
– Decreased “time to catch” for fish trap
– Reduced size of bookshelf to fit under one roof
– Big campfire now cooks 2x faster standard campfire
– Bonfire now cooks 3x faster than standard campfire
– All drops have been updated to remove non-primitive engrams and add new P+ items
– Wood –> Lumber crafting speed increased
– Rowboat renamed to Dinghy
– Increased hide harvest rates for Hunting Knife
– Slightly increased lighting radius for candle
– Modified damage and health settings for steel safe (now is more prone to explosive damage – use steel locker for more protection)
– All plant models have been updated
– Jellyfish biotoxin can now be used as an alternate resource for crafting Cure Low

– Honey Loaf can be made in baker’s oven (you can place honey in the inventory)
– Custom recipes can be cooked in cauldron
– Flaming Arrows are now lit when in bow
– Flaming Arrows will now apply fire damage
– Fixed texture issue on lumber wall model
– Fixed issue with animal fat not converting to oil in campfires
– Fixed issue with firewood consumption in big campfire
– Bonfire and Grill are able to cook lambchops
– Custom consumables (poultry, ribs, etc) have been fixed
– Custom resources (feathers) have been fixed
– Machete resource gather rate for feathers/hide corrected
– Lumber snap points adjusted
– Lumber workshop can be picked up
– Mutton can be cooked in all structures that allow it
– Ground cashew no longer needs a waterskin
– Categorization of lumber structures has been corrected
– Fixed an issue with sugar cane becoming invisible after harvesting
– Adjusted collision on pointed fences
– Fireplace can correctly use firewood
– Beavers can now craft Primitive+ items
– Lumber door can correctly be crafted in inventory
– Lumber Glass engrams have corrected icons
– Fixed issue where consuming beer caused a crash
– Cauldron engrams updated to include cooking all kibbles
– Cooking pot can use firewood as fuel
– Corrected rotation placement on: Advanced Workshop, Simple Bed, Smithy, Construction Table, Tudor Bar, Oil Tank, Lumber Table
– Updated icons for: Simple Bed, Smithy, Smokehouse, Pitchfork, Lumber Glass structures,
– Fixed titles and descriptions on: Advanced Workshop, Lumber Station, Lumber Glass Ceiling, Miners Box, Tudor Bar, Lumber Foundation, Sloped Lumber Wall Left, Lumber Bench, Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Left and Right, Lumber Window Frame, Lumber Glass Wall, Pitchfork
– Fixed categories/folders for: Fish Bait, Trap Bait, Fishing Rod
– Fixed placement material for Fish Trap, Miners Box
– Fixed character is offset when using rowboat
– Fixed harvesting for Giga when trying to harvest Primitive+ consumables
– Fixed placement/snap location for: Wooden Handrail
– Updated engram level requirements for most items
– Iron ingots can be placed inside for the forge
– Fixed ceiling lamp not showing up in Construction Table
– Fixed curing of bacon in the Preserving Campfire
– Fixed fabricator canteen requirement
– Improved snap of chain on water well
– Footstep sounds are corrected on lumber floors
– Fixed third person model for obsidian spear
– Fixed crafting of certain ARK items in the handmill
– Fixed invalid seed harvesting for Barley (caused duplicates)
– Fixed issue with missing grape plant model when fully grown
– Fixed issue with missing tomato plant model when fully grown
– Fixed issue where bonemeal could not be placed in crop plots
– Removed “old” cooked versions of consumables
– Removed inventory for gunpowder barrel
– Fixed placement/snap point for steel handrail
– Wheat beer and ARK beer will now tame Chalico
– Tranq arrows have correct model shown when using in the Longbow or Recurve Bow.
– Obsidian arrows have correct model shown when using in the Longbow or Recurve Bow.
– Removed extra lumber gate engram in the construction table
– Modern Hanging Shelf placement improved
– Fresh Rice properly converts to Dry Rice in preserving campfire
– Fixed resource requirements for Cooked Rice (now uses Dry Rice)
– Fixed resource requirements for lumber glass wall
– Fixed health on various structures
– Modified glass on lumber structures to be more see through
– Centered mesh location on custom grown crops
– Reduces size of lettuce model
– Fixed destructible mesh for Simple Bed
– Fixed inventory crafting for ceiling lamp
– Fixed texture issue on the deadfall trap when a compy is caught



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