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Patch 257 is here everyone! Let’s all welcome some brand new TEK, four more crazy creatures, U.I improvements and a long overdue volcano upgrade! Get on now and play ARK with this mega update. Are you ready to Ascend?

More TEK to Turn Your Head

With each major patch Studio Wildcard decides to blow our minds with more and more awesome TEK Tier items. This time we have all be blessed with shiny new TEK gear and special structures to help you rule the island.

TEK Megalodon Saddle

Armoured prehistoric sharks that shoot lasers…our prayers have been answered. Yes that’s right, now you can feel like a total Bond villain with a pool of tamed Megalodons kitted out with glowing TEK armour. Intruders beware, venture too close and you might find yourself turned to ash and dust.

TEK Turret & TEK Grenades

Looking for new and exciting ways to defend your base from those pesky invaders? Well Patch 257 has you covered. With TEK Tier, you are now able to craft an updated and upgraded version of the Auto Turret called, you guessed it, the TEK Turret! With powerful laser blasts and an improved A.I/targeting system, these technological beasts will obliterate any annoying intruders. However, if the turrets aren’t doing it for you, then why not try out the new TEK Grenades; better, stronger and stickier than their vanilla counterparts.

TEK Cloning Chamber

Use this marvel of a machine to clone your favourite ARK creatures! Want to give your buddy a Giganotosaurus? Then just spend some Element Shards and clone an exact copy; stats, level and all.

Now remember, obtaining any of this awesome TEK gear isn’t going to be easy. If you’re pining for futuristic guns and sci-fi suits then you’re going to have to work your butt off. To unlock the TEK Tier you are going to need to activate and complete the Boss Arenas of the island. Success will reward you with TEK Knowledge Engrams, Element Shards and other various boss treasures. Any new players out there, it’ll take some time. So get grinding!

Daeodon Comedentis

Now for the four fun new creatures! To start things off we have Daeodon, an omnivorous prehistoric pig. Daeodon are extremely territorial on the island and will become aggressive towards any survivor that wanders too close to their home. Often found in the open plains and grasslands, these big pigs spend their most of time eating and foraging for food. Due to their remarkable ability to speedily heal themselves and others around them, Daeodon will make for a great addition to any raiding party. Think of them as your very own snuffling, grunting clerics.

Apis Lithohermaea

Apis Lithohermaea, or more commonly known as the Giant Bee, is a brand new insect that has been introduced to the island in Patch 257. These big bugs never stray too far from their nests in the Redwood forests and rocky cliffsides. The little drones can always be seen protecting the hive, but to catch a glimpse of the queen bee herself you’re going to need to crack it open. A tamed queen will lay new drone eggs and construct a hive that survivors can farm for honey. This sweet substance can be used as bait for creature traps.

Liopleurodon Magicus

Nicknamed lucky Liopleurodon, this aquatic behemoth is an interesting specimen. According to rumours circulating the island, Liopleurodon Magicus has magical qualities that reward lucky survivors with treasures beyond their wildest dreams. This magical creature is so rare and powerful, that even those few who have managed to tame one are unable to keep it under control. The Liopleurodon eventually disappears back into myth and legend. Will this creature even be mountable? Who knows.

Kentrosaurus Aethiopicus

A smaller cousin to Stegosaurus Regium; Kentrosaurus Aethiopicus manages to make up for it’s size with lethality. With a back full of enormous sharp spikes and plates capable of impaling foes, this little Stego is a force to be reckoned with. It seems as though you’re not going to be able to ride this creature, however having one or two positioned as caravan sentries while you traverse the island could be extremely helpful. Any raptor attacks will be quickly and gruesomely dispatched.

Volcano Erupts, TEK Cave Revealed

With the ARK eruption came lava and change to the famous island volcano. As part of Patch 257, the dormant magma mountain and it’s surroundings have been completely redesigned with points of scorching interest. Hidden within the volcano is the secret entrance to the dangerous TEK Cave, home to ARK’s deadliest foes and possibly the final challenge for all survivors. There is talk of ascension and who knows what the final dungeon has in store… Read more about ascension here.

Patch 257 Extras

  • More UI overhauls
  • New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
  • Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
  • 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
  • Full Gamepad input pass (i.e. console gamepad functionality)
  • Fixed issue with Cave spawns not functioning properly in singleplayer
  • The Center mega-update!
  • New Emote
  • Engram Tree Revamp
  • Alpha Megalodon
  • All Alphas have their own APEX Items

Patch 258 Additions!

  • New Weapon: Harpoon Gun
  • New Dino: Hyaenodon
  • New Dino: Hesperonis
  • New Dino: Megatherium
  • New Dino: Megalania
  • New Dino: Yutyrannus
  • 2 New Hairstyles
  • Optimisations
  • Memory reductions, texture memory & mesh optimisation
  • Performance gains via GPU and CPU utilisation & threading improvements.
  • Various bug fixes TBA

Stay tuned, we’ll have more about Ascension soon!



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