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Updates for ARK: Survival Evolved are happening across the board. Version 754 for Xbox One is currently being tested and patch 1.20 for PS4 is in the middle of being certified by Sony. If all goes to plan we should see updates for ARK on both consoles on the 16th of May 2017. By tomorrow console players will be exploring the island in the PC’s version 257.

Patch in Progress

According to community manager Jat, the new patch for ARK on Xbox has already been certified and PS4 will be checking to make sure everything is in order tomorrow. Jat tweeted that Studio Wildcard will release the update onto each console when they get the green light from both Microsoft and Sony.

Cool TEK, New Creatures & Mysterious Ascension

With version 754 for Xbox and patch 1.20 for PS4, you can expect to see 4 brand new creatures, some sweet TEK gear/structures and a final dungeon to explore in the recently erupted volcano basin. Will you ascend or fall?

Exciting New Creatures

  • Apis Lithohermaea – A giant bee perfect for honey farming.
  • Daeodon Comedentis – A piggy healer for your team.
  • Liopleurodon Magicus – Lucky Liopleurodon won’t stay tamed forever.
  • Kentrosaurus Aethiopicus – Spike-tailed and short-tempered.

Sweet TEK Gear & Structures

  • TEK-Megalodon-SaddleSharks with lasers!
  • TEK-Grenade  Surprisingly sticky.
  • TEK-Turrets – Defend your sci-fi base with style.
  • TEK-Cloning Chamber – Copy your favourite creatures.

Ascend to Greater Heights

Now with Ascension added into ARK: Survival Evolved, players have an end-game goal to work towards. If you’re strong and insane enough to beat all the bosses, complete the volcano dungeon and beat the final big bad boss, you will discover the true nature of the ARK and sacrifice your character. You’ll then re-spawn holding a soul cube, awarding you extra levels above the level cap. Do this entire ordeal on Alpha, Beta and Gamma difficulty and you will receive extra levels for each one. Say goodbye to level 100, you’ll be going much higher. Become the God of the island and ascend!



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