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A new update from the developers War Drum Studios has announced that their very popular title ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to mobile on iOS and Android “this spring” and it is going to include everything the $60 counterpart does, except it’s free.

Mobile Features

As you could expect, the developers are going to have to optimize the game to be playable on mobile, but publishers Wildcard have promised the same full experience as PC and Console. With that in mind there will of course be a specialized control scheme, a new user-interface as well as a new single-player mode and a more fast-paced gameplay.

Mobile players will of course have the large island to explore, be able to form/join tribes and have more than 80 dinosaurs to tame. Exclusively, mobile players be able to use Amber to build unique structures, level up quickly, get limited buffs and even bring dead tames back to life.

If you are not familiar with ARK: Survival Evolved, you can find more of our articles about it here.



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