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High tech armour, end-game structures, plasma rifles, brand new dinosaurs and sheep! Studio Wildcard’s huge new update for ARK: Survival Evolved has it all.

This update, known as the Tek Tier patch, is due for PC release on Monday, January 30.

Patch Features

The major reveal for this update is the addition of Tek Tiers. Tek allows for the construction of two very powerful machines. Be warned, these machines and Tek items are late-game products and require you to take down bosses to obtain a key resource called Element.

Transmitter: First is the transmitter, which is similar to an obelisk, only portable. Transmitters will allow you to upload your items, gear, characters and creatures ready to be downloaded onto other ARK servers. For larger clans and hardcore players this makes cross-ARK transfers infinitely easier.

Replicator: The second, and more exciting machine, is the replicator. Basically the Tek Tier’s version of a workbench, the replicator is your platform for creating sweet sci-fi armour and weaponry. It’s worth noting that the replicator works 4 times faster than other workbenches…which is pretty nice.

Tek Tier
To infinity…

Tek Armour and Weapons

Probably the coolest part of this update is the armour and weaponry that’s going to be added. Gotta be honest, if you see someone clad in full future Tek armour flying towards you; (yes they can fly) cower in fear, because there’s no escape.

Tek Helmet: Grants the user tek vision with the option of sonar, night vision or a mixture of both.

Tek Gauntlets: Comes with built-in power gloves for when you want to super punch a raptor in the face.

Tek Leggings: These are not for fashion; (although they do look pretty cool) the leggings provide you with a super speed mode. You can dash across grasslands, smash your way through rocks and trees and even run on water.

Tek Chestplate: As well as making you look bad-ass, the chestplate comes with a jetpack. You’ll be able to Iron Man around the map and pull off sweet combos with your gauntlets and leggings. The jetpack is waterproof, so maybe give it a try underwater.

Tek Boots: They absorb all fall damage, simple.

Tek Rifle: This stunning piece of machinery is as beautiful as it is deadly. Ammo is not an issue for this plasma rifle, nor does it need to reload. Instead you must be wary of it overheating from overuse. All Tek rifles come with a night vision scope as an added bonus.

Tek Saddle: It is common knowledge that everyone at some point in their lives has imagined what it must be like to ride a fully armoured T-Rex with laser guns attached to its head. Well don’t worry everyone, because it’s no longer just a dream! The Tek saddle tricks out your tamed T-Rex with awesome Tek armour to match your own. When riding, control his headpiece to shoot plasma bolts at your screaming enemies. As they try to find futile cover, watch your Rex turn them to dust. Unfortunately the Tek saddle is only equippable for the T-Rex at the moment, however there are more in development.

tek saddle
T-Rex with armour, come on, that’s just not fair.

New Creatures

Basilosaurus: An aquatic creature and a distant relative to modern-day whale. Once tamed, Basilosaurus can transport you across bodies of water with ease. With a nasty bite and an immunity to those pesky squid and jellyfish, this creature could be extremely useful. Basilosaurus regenerate health faster near the water’s surface and drop large quantities of oil upon death.

Baryonyx: A smaller and agile mount for the speedy players. Baryonyx is able to swim just as fast as it can run.

Purlovia: Looks a bit like a giant furry badger. Purlovia are able to hide themselves underground and surprise any unfortunate enemies passing by.

Sheep: Yes this isn’t a typo. These woolly critters can be found grazing in the grasslands and drop pelts and mutton upon death. Sheep are the first farm animal to be added to ARK: Survival Evolved, and may not be the last. Tamed by feeding them one sweet vegetable cake, these bleating beasties can be taken home and sheared with scissors for their wool. If any player is looking for a mighty steed, it is worth noting that sheep can be ridden.

Counting sheep.

Smaller Features

New hair system: You can now grow out that Castaway beard you have always wanted. Hair and beards will now grow on your character in game over time. You will be able to add colourful tints to your hair if you feel like being edgy and different; and when you’re ready for a trim, snip away with a pair of scissors in the new haircut UI. There will be new hairstyles to choose from at a later date.

Jousting: A fun addition to ARK: Survival Evolved. As requested by the fans, you can now hold both a lance and shield while riding raptors. It’s time to play out your biggest medieval fantasies.

Future Release

Little has been said about the future of ARK: Survival Evolved. However, Studio Wildcard creative director Jesse Rapczak has stated that they’re thinking about adding an underwater element further down the road. Could this mean more marine life and aquatic bases? We’ll have to wait and see.

Jousting raptors.
The knights of the ARK.
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