Herbivore Island


ARK: Survival Evolved can be a challenging game. With the aggressive online players and the barrage of dangerous carnivores, new players sometimes struggle to progress past basic tools. It seems as though you always get to the same point before you’re home becomes the breeding ground for Carnos way too strong to be dealt with. Well all the pain and heartbreak is over folks; if you’re a newbie then your best bet is to set up shop on Herbivore Island.

Prehistoric Paradise

Although this place has no official name, ARK players have dubbed it South Haven, or Herbivore Island. This perfect little Southern pocket got its name for its complete absence of carnivorous life. Yes you heard me, nothing on this island is going to try to eat you!

The small size of Herbivore Island makes it perfect to chase down your dinner, yet provides enough space to build a respectable base. The island comes fitted with flat land perfect for base-building and a bay ideal for when you decide to tame some underwater mounts. To make things even better, Herbivore Island has a central hilltop rich with metal nodes, providing the player with a consistent metal supply in the early game.

Herbivore Island
It’s both beautiful and practical.

How to Get There

Now, it isn’t possible to spawn straight onto Herbivore Island unfortunately. As it is located off the South-East side of the mainland, your best bet would be to spawn in South Zone 3. This should spawn you somewhere along the southern stretch of the mainland beach with Herbivore Island in sight across the water.

Before you ask, the answer is no, you cannot swim there. If the distance doesn’t kill you, the sea-life will. What you will need is a Wooden Raft. Unfortunately this Engram isn’t available until level 15, so unless you have a higher level friend to help you out, you’re going to have to do some grinding. Spend some time kitting yourself with basic tools, killing easy creatures and collecting resources. You would be surprised how time flies when you’re grinding levels.

At level 15 spend 11 Engram Points and craft your very own raft with 250 wood, 125 fibre and 75 hide. Now finally you can retreat to your island and live out your life in peace and quiet. You can always return to the mainland when you’re feeling brave and better equipped to deal with the bigger beasties.

ARK map.
The bottom right is Herbivore Island.

The Creatures of Herbivore Island

If you’re looking for a herbivore to tame, then you’re in luck here. Herbivore Island has a variety of friendly fern-eaters to tame for mounts. Remember that some will run when attacked and others may fight back; some of these creatures can still be a challenge. One last tip; just because the island is safe, that doesn’t mean the surrounding water is too. Megalodon will not say no to a free meal.

Here’s what you’re working with:



  1. It depends on luck too. I swam to the island at level one. It was brutal game mode as well. Lost my stamina sometimes before reaching the island. But I kept swimming and reached the island in slow motion. ?


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