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Tek Tier is the advanced level of gear and structures available in ARK: Survival Evolved that end-game players strive for and mere low/mid level mortals can only dream of. Having to use a combination of ElementBlack Pearls and relevant Tekgrams that are collected from ARK Bosses, means that upgrading is no easy feat and requires the co-ordination of a high level and well equipped groups of players. If you are wondering what it takes to get these Hi-Tech items on The ARK Island and whether they’re actually worth it, then read on.


So first a quick recap; in order to get a particular Tekgram, (a special Engram dropped only by Bosses) you must first summon and then kill the correct Boss. Oh, and you also need to summon the right level of Boss as well. The difficulty ratings are Gamma (Easy), Beta (Medium) and Alpha (Hard).

The table below is an example of the Tekgram/Boss system in place. It shows the requirements to summon the Broodmother in order to obtain the Tek Boots, in this case a Beta Level Broodmother is needed.

Item Required Gamma Beta Alpha
Player Level: 30 50 70
Megalodon Tooth.png Megalodon Tooth 8 32 64
Tyrannosaurus Arm.png Tyrannosaurus Arm 4 16 32
Argentavis Talon.png Argentavis Talon 4 16 32
Sauropod Vertebra.png Sauropod Vertebra 2 8 16
Artifact Of The Hunter.png Artifact Of The Hunter 1 1 1
Artifact Of The Pack.png Artifact Of The Pack 1 1 1
Artifact Of The Massive.png Artifact Of The Massive 1 1  



So, as you can see it takes a fair amount of mob grinding just to summon a Boss, never mind killing it and being rewarded the sought after Tekgram! The Bosses will also drop varying amounts of Element which are not only essential for the crafting of the different Tek items, but also as a fuel source for the Jetpack and as ammo for the new rifle.


Tek Armour

So why go to all this bother for some strong gear? Well believe me it’s worth it. If you have ever wanted to look like a bad-ass Power Ranger/Halo trooper, now’s your chance. As you can see below, each piece of Tek armour has its own set of bonuses, and once combined for a full suit, well then you’re unstoppable.

Tek Helmet

The Tek Helmet has two properties: Pulse mode and night vision. Pulse mode highlights entities and their relationship to the wearer from friendly to enemy with a short range x-ray scan. Night vision will allow the user to see in the dark, and unlike the Night Vision Goggles, this helmet’s built in night vision is not negatively affected by daylight.

Tek Gauntlets

Ever wanted a super punch? Well with these gauntlets equipped you can hold down right-click to charge and release a powerful punch with AOE capabilities. This skill can even be used for harvesting resources!

Tek Chestpiece

This piece of Tek armour comes with a built-in jetpack that when activated boosts the user into the air. The wearer can hold down the jump button to float and left-shift to activate hover mode. Whilst hovering, shooting with a weapon is a walk in the park.

Tek Leggings

It’s time for some more superpowers! The Tek Leggings will allow the wearer to run with super speed like the Flash. At this speed, you’ll be able to break down trees, smash through rocks and even run on water!

Tek Boots

These super shoes will protect you from fall damage and gift the ability to scale mountains with ease. Those precarious clifftops will be no problem with a pair of these on.

Combo Moves

For a little extra excitement, some of these Tek armour pieces actually combo with one another. It’s worth noting that after equipping both the chestpiece and leggings you’ll be able to perform speed boosts mid air while using the jetpack. If you’re looking for an explosive entrance, well why not try a ground pound from above. Having both the gauntlets and leggings on will unlock the ability to perform an aerial attack, smashing the ground with power and precision.

To craft any of these armour pieces, you’ll need to combine 120 Polymer, 450 Metal Ingots, 120 Crystal, 20 Element and 55 Black Pearls in a Replicator.

Weapons & Saddles

Would there be any point if there weren’t some awesome Tek weapons to cause mayhem with?

Tek Rifle

This weapon acts almost like a plasma rifle, firing explosive bursts of pure energy in quick succession. This rifle does not need to reload, instead it can potentially overheat if overused. The Tek Rifle takes exactly 41 shots to overheat and uses Element as ammo, (1 Element per 50 shots). This awesome piece of machinery comes with a built-in scope and night vision! To craft one you’ll need to combine 120 Polymer, 450 Metal Ingots, 120 Crystal, 20 Element and 55 Black Pearls in a Replicator.

Tek Grenade

These bad-ass bombs are an upgrade to the normal ARK grenades and when thrown stick to the target for 5 seconds before exploding for 300 damage! To craft yourself one of these beauties, you’re going to need to use 1 Element, 40 Crystal, 10 Cementing Paste, 30 Metal Ingots, 30 Polymer and 60 Gunpowder in a Replicator.

Tek Turret

If you’re looking for a good way to protect your newly constructed Tek base, then why not use some suitable Tek Turrets. These fully automatic mounted machine guns will fire on any enemy player and wild or tamed creature within range. These turrets aren’t cheap; you’re going to need to add together 100 Electronics, 100 Metal Ingots, 50 Cementing Paste, 50 Polymer and 3 Element in a Replicator.

Tek Saddles

So far there are only 3 Tek Saddles available in ARK: Survival Evolved, however we’re sure Studio Wildcard has plans for more. For now there are Tek Saddles for T-Rex, Mosasaur and Megalodon.

T-Rex Tek Saddle

The Rex Tek Saddle provides way more armour than a regular Rex Saddle and while pressing the melee key, the saddle will activate a laser helmet, enemies beware! To craft a Rex Tek Saddle, you’ll need 350 Polymer, 1,800 Metal Ingots, 250 Crystal, 40 Element and 100 Black Pearls together in a Replicator.

Mosasaur Tek Saddle

Much like the Rex Tek Saddle, this armour will provide your tamed Mosasaur will sweet defence stats and a fully functioning laser helmet to torpedo your underwater foes. To craft this you’ll need to put 500 Polymer, 2,500 Metal Ingots, 370 Crystal, 55 Element and 140 Black Pearls together in a Replicator.

Megalodon Tek Saddle

Again, this Tek Saddle will provide your snapping shark with awesome armour and a laser helmet perfect for your villainous base. To create your very own laser wielding Megalodons you’ll need 500 Polymer, 2,500 Metal Ingots, 370 Crystal, 55 Element and 140 Black Pearls together in a Replicator.

Sweet Tek Structures

To begin your adventure into the world of Tek, you’ll first need to craft a Tek Replicator. The Replicator will be your crafting bench for all other Tek gear and structures.

Tek Replicator

This item is pretty much as end-game as you can get. Not only does it craft all your Tekgrams, but the Replicator is also capable of crafting normal Engrams 4 times faster than any other machine. This mechanical marvel has 600 item slots and needs 1 Element to run for 10 minutes. You’re going to need to take 75 Element, 5,000 Metal Ingots, 600 Crystal, 150 Black Pearls and 800 Polymer to an Obelisk to craft one.

Tek Forcefield

This is probably on of the coolest items you can have in ARK: Survival Evolved. The Tek Forcefield consumes Element to create an energy barrier that does not need to be placed on a foundation and does indeed function underwater. This powerful shield prevents all wild creatures and non-tribe members from passing through and can only be damaged by explosives, Tek weapons and the Titanosaur. Be warned, once activated the forcefield takes 5 minutes to warm up. To have one of these sweet shields you’re going to have to collect 5,000 Metal Ingots, 600 Crystal, 150 Black Pearls, 800 Polymer and 75 Element and put it all together in a Replicator.

Tek Transmitter

This device functions as a portable Obelisk. It allows the transfer of items, characters and creatures to other ARKs. You can craft one in a Replicator with 40 Element, 2,500 Metal Ingots, 250 Crystal, 80 Black Pearls and 320 Polymer.

Tek Generator

This is the generator of all generators. It provides electricity without the need of cables and is essential for powering Tek devices and underwater bases. You’ll need 30 Element, 2,400 Metal Ingots, 250 Crystal, 120 Black Pearls and 500 Polymer in a Replicator.

Tek Teleporter

This ingenious contraption can actually teleport survivors and creatures across the map! This teleporter uses Element Shards as fuel; the more weight being teleported, the more Element Shards needed. Place 85 Element, 2,500 Metal Ingots, 600 Crystal, 150 Black Pearls and 1,200 Polymer in a Replicator to craft one.

Cloning Chamber

This chamber has the ability to duplicate creatures. Using power from the Tek Generator and Element Shards as fuel, this machine can provide all your friends with an exact clone of an ARK creature. The amount of Shards needed for cloning a creature depends on the creature type and level. You’re going to need 5,500 Metal Ingots, 800 Polymer, 550 Crystal, 100 Element and 200 Black Pearls in a Replicator.

Tek Building Materials

What’s the point of having all these super sci-fi items if there’s nowhere cool to put them! Well don’t worry Wildcard has you covered; with the introduction of Tek tier came Tek buildings materials galore. With structures ranging from foundations to gateways to trapdoors, you’ll easily be able to build the futuristic base of your dreams. If you have enough resources why not build on a mountaintop, in a gorge, or even underwater!

Below is a table showing which bosses you’ll need to defeat on which difficulties to obtain the necessary Tekgrams to begin your Tek tier adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved – 

Tek Item Boss Difficulty
Tek Helmet: Broodmother Lysrix Alpha (Hard)
Tek Gauntlets: Megapithicus Gamma (Easy)
Tek Chestpiece: Dragon Alpha (Hard)
Tek Leggings: Dragon Gamma (Easy)
Tek Boots: Broodmother Lysrix Beta (Medium)
Tek Rifle: Megapithicus Beta (Medium)
Tek Grenade: Megapithicus Alpha (Hard)
Tek Turret: Broodmother Lysrix Alpha (Hard)
Rex Tek Saddle: Megapithicus Alpha (Hard)
Mosasaur Tek Saddle: Broodmother Lysrix Alpha (Hard)
Megalodon Tek Saddle: Dragon Gamma (Easy)
Tek Replicator: Any NA
Tek Forcefield: Dragon Beta (Medium)
Tek Transmitter: Dragon Beta (Medium)
Tek Generator: Megapithicus Beta (Medium)
Tek Teleporter: Dragon Alpha (Hard)
Tek Cloning Chamber: Dragon Alpha (Hard)
Tek Foundation:  Broodmother Lysrix Gamma (Easy)
Behemoth Tek Gate:

Behemoth Tek Gateway:

Dragon Gamma (Easy)
Tek Window:

Tek Windowframe:

Tek Trapdoor:

Tek Hatchframe:

Megapithicus Gamma (Easy)
Vacuum Compartment:  Dragon Beta (Medium)
Tek Dinosaur Gate: 

Tek Dinosaur Gateway:

Tek Door:

Tek Doorframe:

Megapithicus Beta (Meduim)
Tek Wall:

Tek Ceiling:

Tek Railing:

Tek Fence Foundation:

Sloped Tek Roof:

Sloped Tek Wall Left:

Sloped Tek Wall Right:

Tek Staircase:

Tek Ladder:

Tek Ramp:

Broodmother Lysrix Beta (Medium)
Vacuum Compartment Moonpool: Dragon Alpha (Hard)


We hope you enjoyed this in depth look at the current ARK: Survival Evolved Tek tier list. We will be sure to keep you up to date with any new additions. For more ARK related articles click here.

A collaboration by Mark Amond & James Holdsworth



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