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ARK: Survival Evolved is getting a new addon soon. Genesis Part 2 closes the story arc for the time being and brings the largest map that has ever existed in ARK.

This is in Genesis Part 2: The new addon from ARK: Survival Evolved brings, as already mentioned, supposedly the largest map that the dinosaur survival MMO has ever seen.

There will also be some new animals. Whereby animal is probably not applicable in the case of the large robot dinosaur. This is very reminiscent of Horizon Zero Dawn.


All Information about ARK: Genesis Part 2 Map! What awaits you

What the trailer shows: In the teaser, which was shown for the first time in a live stream by ARK developer Studio Wildcard, there are new snacks for those interested in the story.

But the first look at the new location of the addon is much more exciting. ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 kidnaps you on a gigantic spaceship that resembles the biblical ark.

The Genesis ship has a ringworld in the middle of the construction. Also including the new map. Developer Wildcard Studios calls it the largest map in the game to date.

The previous throne holder is called Crystal Isles, but is a map made by modders and not by the developer himself. The largest map built by Studio Wildcard is Genisis Part 1. Here is a close-up of the biomes within the ringworld!


Genesis 2 still brings: What should also be of interest to many are the new living beings that are introduced with the new ARK Survival Evolved addon. These include the following:

  • Noglin: You can control other beings with these little creature. They appear cute but are extremely dangerous.
  • Shadowmane: This creature makes itself invisible. When tamed, it can also camouflage you and your squad! In addition, the Shadowmane can attack multiple targets at the same time.
  • Astrodelphis: This alien whale can repel projectiles and shoot with laser beams.
  • Stryder: A large Robo-Dino that can harvest raw materials from a distance using a laser beam.
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