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After two years of Early Access development, ARK: Survival Evolved is finally going to be released as a full game! According to Co-Founder and Art Director, Jesse Rapczak, in less than two months the full release of the Sci-Fi, dino survival game will be available in stores.

Collector’s Edition

ARK will be leaving Early Access on the 8th of August; any hardcore fans out there may be interested in pre-ordering Studio Wildcard’s limited Collector’s Edition. This awesome pack includes:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • A Season Pass for all 3 DLCs
  • A handmade leather edition of the Explorer Notes with 100+ Dino Dossiers
  • An ARK Necklace
  • A map of “The Island”
  • A poster of the development team
  • All packed in a collection box

Ragnarok DLC Map Now Available

The next free-to-play DLC for ARK is here! Ragnarok is a wild and Wyvern-filled world with medieval elements and fantasy. Exclusive to Ragnarok are the Griffin, Ice Wyvern, polar bear and two brand new dungeon bosses. PC players can hop on now to explore this awesome expansion, however console survivors will have to wait patiently till the 4th of July to give it a go.


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