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Many of us love ARK: Survival Evolved, but will you love it enough if it added the next single word I’m about to say… microtransactions. Yep, you saw it right, microtransactions; the bane of every living gamer ever. To still pay for something you already bought and own, talk about corporate evil. This time around developers of ARK: Survival Evolved released a set of skins thematically ‘bionic’ in style or Bionic skins. And whether you like it or not, it is a fact it won’t come for free which will be for the first time in the history of the game.

Breaking a promise

When ARK released in 2015, Lead Designer Jeremy Stieglitz made a bold statement on Steam:

“There will never be any commercial items, not even cosmetic items. There will be tons of cosmetic item skins, but these will all be available in-game as well as in free events, nothing will be spent on anything.”

– Lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz

Two years later we are seeing six dinosaur skins on the market places for Xbox and PlayStation. These however came accompanied with statement on reddit, where the community management tried to explain the reasons behind breaking the promise:

“…we have to make some deals we don’t want to do, to receive the support.”

ARK bionic skins
ARK’s first microtransaction, a former pre-order incentive.

“…they were a part of our retail preorder deal. “

According to Wildcard those six skins, which have been available first as an additional incentive for preordering a copy of ARK: Survival Evolved at the retail release, were only possible under the condition that they were later on released individually. So they tried to place them as cheap as possible, though they couldn’t be for free. As a pre-apology-ish statement, they stated that they will not repeat this action.



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