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Now that ARK: Survival Evolved has it’s full release, survivors have the chance to play through the game in its entirety and be rewarded with a proper endgame boss fight! Have you got what it takes to defeat the ARK and ascend?

WARNING! Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs and embedded video contain massive spoilers. Any fans wishing to experience this content first-hand, look away now.

To the TEK Cave!

Since the changes to the island’s volcano and the addiction of the no-so-finished TEK cave, all ARK players have been dying to know what lies within. Well our wish has been granted. This final “boss arena” is more like a dungeon and is impossible without the correct specifications. If you’re a new player to ARK, you’re going to need to sink at least 100 hours into this game before even considering the TEK cave.

To begin with, entering this TEK door in the volcano to face the final foe isn’t possible until you have defeated the other 3 bosses of ARK; the broodmother, megapithicus and the dragon. With these 3 under your belt you’ll be granted access to the TEK cave and a final teleportation dome that will transport you to a strange alien mother-ship.

The Final Fight

In an awe-inspiring sci-fi arena with the endlessness of space as your backdrop, the final fight begins. Be sure you’re as geared up as possible with full TEK and an army of the strongest dinos from the island. Without prehistoric reinforcements, this will be a quick and gruesome end for you. Upon arrival into the chamber, particles begin to form ahead of you, constructing a familiar obelisk shape, shielded and floating with a health bar… your battle against the Overseer has begun. 

As the finale commences, you’ll want to send in your dinos to distract and wreck house while you stay way back and shoot from afar. The Overseer isn’t against sending out it’s own reinforcements, summoning giant rolling droids and flying drones clearly inspired by George Lucas’ universe. As well as burning lines of lasers and rockets, you’ll have the deal with final bosses’ shape changing. At different stages of it’s health, the Overseer in obelisk form will transform first into the particle version of the brood mother, then the megapithicus and finally the dragon, each with their very own health bars that need to be destroyed before it can revert back to an obelisk. As the battle comes to a close, the final boss will attempt to cling to life by transforming into the three ARK bosses once more on a time limit. You must defeat it while it retains it’s original obelisk form. Manage this and the Overseer will fall.

The Overseer.

A Bird’s Eye View

With the final boss long gone, take a moment to marvel at your success before stepping into the white light of teleportation. Let yourself be thrust through time and space, circling a strange planet surrounded by hundreds and thousands of orbiting ARKs. You were not the only one it seems. As you’re slammed back down onto one of these islands, all goes blank and the ARK: Survival Evolved credits begin to run. Victory at last.

Now that the Overseer has been defeated, your character has witnessed the true nature of the ARK and has ascended. Ascension will sacrifice your current character and you will begin again with a brand new one, holding a strange object known as a soul cube. This new character now has an increased level cap and any future boss fights you attempt will be scaled up in difficulty.

We have some credits, a final fight and a full release of ARK, is this the end? Of course not! Although the game now has a final boss, Studio Wildcard has promised us that they have many DLC ideas for the future. ARK: Survival Evolved does not end here.

If you want to watch a play-through of the final boss fight, click below:


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