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Wyvern are a subspecies of dragon that are known all over the world in myth and legend. These enormous scaled nightmares are said to leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. But they’re not just fairy-tale in ARK. Do you have what it takes to slay the winged beast?

Dino Dossier: Draconis Vipera

Studio Wildcard, developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, have introduced Draconis vipera, or Wyverns, into their world. These deadly creatures can only be found in The World Scar from the Scorched Earth DLC. The Wyverns of ARK are truly magnificent to behold and will make even the most seasoned of adventurers gape in awe and fear.

Extremely aggressive, Draconis Vipera can often be found flying around the mountainous regions of The World Scar, or prowling their territories in the dragon trenches. With their impressive wingspan, razor-sharp talons and countless rows of knife-edged teeth, Wyverns are truly a force to be reckoned with. Do not seek one out till you’re ready to fight for your life.

Attribute Amount at Level 1
Health: 1,725
Stamina: 400
Oxygen: 150
Food: 2,000
Weight: 350
Melee Damage: 80²
Movement Speed: 100%
Torpor: 725



There are three variations of Wyvern in ARK, all with a slightly different appearance and ability. You can find fire, lightning and poison Wyvern.

Fire: These red hot reptiles normally appear in shades of red, orange and brown. Their wings sport a burnished gold colour, and their heads resemble that of a stereotypical dragon. Their bodies are covered in a protective layer of horns and spines, with clusters of small sharp spikes around the jaw and skull. Their snouts resemble a bird of prey and will spit a liquefying burst of fire when threatened. If you’re looking for a fire-breather, here you go.

Lightning: Storm Wyverns appear in shades of blue and purple. The wings are dark grey with sharp streaks of blinding white along the folds. They have narrow triangular faces with large eyes and three pairs of small fins each side of their head. These Wyverns are able to fire a concentrated beam of electrical energy at their target.

Poison: This venomous variant is coloured a deep green or grey. These poisonous pests have large frills either side of their face, much like Dilophosaurus. Their head is flatter and more snake-like with a pair of paralysing eyes. A tarnished strip of webbed spines run down their back and they posses a serpent’s tongue. These Wyverns can produce poison gas that will explode on impact with a target.

Let’s Try to Fight a Wyvern

Wyverns may be smaller than the T-Rex, but they are much tougher. They can be extremely difficult to fight due to their aerial mobility and devastating attacks. Outside of ARK’s boss battles, facing one of these is the hardest its going to get. Let’s teach you some take down strategies.

One of the most effective methods involves having your own flying mount with good health, stamina and strong melee damage. With that accomplished, fly up next to the Wyvern and keep parallel to it, aiming for the nape of its neck. Turn when the Wyvern turns, so it cannot reach around to counter-attack. A good amount of damage to the neck will bring the beast down swiftly and successfully.

Scorched Earth.
Dragon Vs. T-Rex. The ultimate showdown.

Ballista Turrets and Chain Bola are extremely effective against Wyverns. Get a Paracer with a Platform Saddle and attach your Ballista. Bait the Wyvern in close and either kill it with some bolts, or take it down by firing a Chain Bola. Once grounded and grappled you can attack the beast with any of your dinos.

Remember that each of the three species of Wyvern have a deadly breath attack. The Fire Wyvern has a short range burst attack that leaves a damage over time burn effect. The Lightning Wyvern can be very dangerous with its ranged lightning beam that does a devastating amount of damage. The Poison Wyvern shoots a projectile that leaves behind a toxic gas cloud on impact. All Wyverns can also flap their wings for a tremendous knock-back effect. Beware.


The adult Wyverns of Scorched Earth cannot be tamed. To have your very own pet Wyvern, you’re going to have to sneak into a female’s nest and steal one of her eggs. The eggs require a lot of heat for the incubation process. Crafting items like Standing Torches and Campfires will help enormously. A Wyvern egg has a five hour incubation period. Depending on the species you poach from, you will either end up with a lightning egg, fire egg or poison egg.

Wyvern egg.
Hopefully mum doesn’t come to collect her baby…

Once your tiny terror has hatched, you’re going to need to feed it. Baby Wyverns cannot be fed Raw Meat like other ARK carnivores. They require Wyvern Milk to help them grow and start the imprinting process. Unfortunately obtaining Wyvern Milk is no easy task. You are going to need to knock an adult female Wyvern unconscious. While she’s out cold, take the milk from her inventory and get the hell out of there. 50 Wyvern Milk can be found in the inventory of an Alpha Wyvern of any sex.

A growing Wyvern baby will need 360 units of food per hour. 1 Wyvern Milk will keep a baby well fed for just over 3 hours. It will take 100 hours for the Wyvern to fully mature. That’s a lot of milk.

Baby Wyvern.
Look at da baby!

Owning a Wyvern

Fully-grown tamed Wyverns are brilliant battle mounts. Fast and with huge amounts of stamina, these sky titans will easily dodge enemy attacks and lay waste to the ground below with devastating elemental breath. Landed Wyverns are even able to sprint, and have a disgustingly powerful bite attack that any sane person would steer well clear of. If you and your Wyvern find yourself in a sticky situation, try pressing C whilst landed. This will perform a knock-back and will give you a chance to escape.

Wyverns can collect wood, thatch and cactus sap when landed and pressing C. They are also capable of carrying smaller creatures. Hover over your target and again press C. The creature (usually immobile) can now be carried back to your base for taming.

The three different colours of Wyverns seem to represent the ARK logo. Upon death they will drop Wyvern Milk and either a Fire Talon, Lightning Talon or Poison Talon, depending on their variant. Drinking the Wyvern’s Milk will give you a buff against cold temperatures and disease.

You will not need a saddle to ride your Wyvern. You’ll be going bareback into battle on a dragon.

Lightning Wyvern
Purple and powerful, what could be better.
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