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Tyrannosaurus, meaning “tyrant lizard”, is the most well known dinosaur in existence. King of the Cretaceous carnivores, T-Rex dominated for more than two million years before the age of reptiles came to an end. Are you ready to take on the monster of the Mesozoic? Can you claim victory over such a predator?

Dino Dossier: Tyrannosaurus Dominum

Tyrannosaurus, simply referred to as Rex, is one of the largest and deadliest dinos to be found on the ARK. With an enormous stature and a bulkiness that goes unrivalled, Rex can be a formidable foe or a powerful ally.

Known in ARK: Survival Evolved as Tyrannosaurus dominum, these toothy cousins to the Rex are equally as dangerous. Helena’s dossier states: “Despite being a different species of Tyrannosaurus, everyone I’ve met still refers to them as a “Rex” or a “T-Rex.” Rex is one of the most aggressive creatures on the island. With their sheer size and power this creature is able to bite or stomp its way through any terrain.

Rex will attack anything that moves, however they seem to prefer larger prey to us humans. They spawn regularly on the South-Easterly side of the island, so don’t choose this as your starting point. The T-Rex in ARK: Survival Evolved are sometimes described as “tanks with teeth”. These ten tonne theropods have a ridiculous amount of health, and make up for their slow speed with surprisingly good stamina. Best avoid such killing machines in the early hours of your play-through.

Attribute Amount at Level 1
Health: 1,100
Stamina: 420
Oxygen: 150
Food: 3,000
Weight: 500
Melee Damage: 62²
Movement Speed: 100%
Topor: 1,550


The T-Rex is an exceptionally large dinosaur, with a maw of razor-sharp daggers ready to tear you to shreds. The ground will visibly quake when the king of lizards is near. It has a thick and muscular physique with scales like bony plates adorning its neck and back. T-Rex can exceed fifty feet in length and makes up for its spindly arms with a pair powerhouse thighs.

The island’s species of Tyrannosaur is surprisingly colourful. Their natural colours and patterns will differ depending on the region and territory. We have yet to see a rainbow Rex unfortunately.

Taming a T-Rex

Taming any dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved is no walk in the park, so trying to tame a towering wall of teeth seems a bit like a suicide mission. Don’t worry it is possible. To own a pet Rex you’re going to need several equally insane players, a boat-load of sedatives and a lot of spare time.


An inventory full of items is always needed when taming an ARK creature, T-Rex is no exception. You and your team must find a way to take down the behemoth before it eats you for lunch. Tranq Arrows are a must, it’ll take about 50 to the head to knock the Tyrannosaur unconscious, but always bring more as things will probably go horribly wrong.

Once the T-Rex is napping be sure to force lots of drugs down its throat. T-Rex have Topor that depletes rapidly, meaning a constant stream of Narcotics or NarcoBerries is essential to keeping him sedated. Try to use Narcotics as their berry equivalent is not nearly as strong. It may take anywhere between 150 to 600 sedatives before your Rex is tamed.

ARK: Survival Evolved
Taking down a T-Rex.

Now don’t forget in order to tame your Rex you will need to keep it well fed while unconscious. Regular meat will work fine for taming, however we recommend using prime meat if possible. Prime meat will dramatically decrease taming time, so gather up as much as you can by killing larger dinos like Stegos and Brontos. Make sure to pop the prime meat into the Rex U.I. first to speed up the taming process. T-Rex taming requires 200 to 400 pieces of regular meat.

Your Little Terror:

As stated earlier, taming a T-Rex will definitely be a group effort. You’ll want to have one person manning the narcotics and meat and others running security. An unconscious Rex is going to draw a lot of unwanted attention from hungry predators and even hungrier players. Taming a T-Rex can take between 2 to 9 hours depending on its level. Remember to use prime meat and narcotics for the best results. It will take buckets of blood, sweat and tears, but when complete you’ll be talk of the town.

Unconscious T-Rex.
I shall name you Fluffy!

Saddle Up!

Now that you have your newly tamed T-Rex, it’s time to take it for a test drive. First you’ll need to craft a Rex saddle. Unlocking this saddle takes 40 engram points and a character at level 60. Please don’t go trying to tame one before you can even build the saddle, that would be heartbreaking. The Rex saddle requires a little bit of preparation. To craft one you will need 380 hide, 200 fiber and 50 metal ingots.

Riding a Rex will automatically instil fear in the hearts of other players. Your bi-pedal beastie has a base walking speed of 515 and a bone-crushing bite that’ll leave players in two. Rex can also let out an alpha roar to frighten off your opposition. It’s worth remembering that T-Rex are not good swimmers.

Possessing such a huge health pool, Tyrannosaurs can easily be used as a tank/bruiser in fights against other large dinos. They do a decent amount of damage and are one of the best creatures in the game for harvesting meat and other resources from corpses. If you’re looking for a fail-safe convey, T-Rex will deliver. With decent speed and an impressive carry-weight they can be relied on to carry goods from base to base. Make sure to level up your Rex’s attributes accordingly.

T-Rex with a saddle.
Saddle up boys.

Breeding Some Babies!

Tyrannosaurus can be a bit fickle when breeding in ARK: Survival Evolved. Once you have managed to get a male and female T-Rex to ‘do the deed’, you must then turn all your attention to the fertilised egg. Egg incubation is difficult at the best of times in this game, so trying to maintain the right temperature for prolonged periods of time is truly a challenge.

It is recommended to have 2 air conditioners and multiple standing to torches to ensure the correct incubation temperature is maintained. Hatching and raising an infant Rex is around a 9 hour commitment, keep that in mind.

  • Temperature: 85-95 degrees F / 29 – 35 degrees C.
  • Incubation: 5 hours.
  • Maturation: 3 days 20 hours and 30 minutes.
Little Rex.
Baby Rex!

Tyrannosaur Extra Info

Upon death T-Rex will drop raw meat, raw prime meat, hide and Tyrannosaurus arms. Make sure you have at least a crossbow or longneck rifle before attempting to take one on.

Although quick and fairly tanky, a player’s base sprint is faster than that of a wild Rex. It is possible to kite the carnivore in between large rocks and shoot it with a ranged weapon. If you’re desperate, try looking for a body of water to cross, T-Rex has a poor swim speed. If the Rex is glowing red, you’re probably dead regardless. There’s no outrunning an Alpha Rex!

Use raptor mounts’ superior speed and stamina to run circles around the T-Rex. Pause, turn and shoot. Repeat this process till the Rex is down. Each pause will also allow your raptor to regain some stamina as an added bonus.

T-Rex will often get themselves killed by attacking too many herbivores at once. They are large creatures and do take extra damage from headshots. Be careful when riding one as they destroy everything they step on.

A recent patch for ARK: Survival Evolved introduced Tek Tier items. With this late game technology you are able to craft bad-ass Tek armour for your tamed Rex. It has lasers!

Tek T-Rex in ARK: Survival Evolved
Tell us this isn’t every 10-year-old’s dream.
SOURCEARK: Survival Evolved - Gamepedia
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