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ARK: Survival Evolved has announced the arrival of Equus Magnus, an ancestor to the modern day horse. Although not currently available within the game itself, it is confirmed as scheduled for release in a future update. Below you will find all information available thus far.

Dino Dossier: Equus

Wild: Equus is a term used to describe the genus of animals including horses, donkeys and zebra. ARK: Survival Evolved has announced the addition of the species as Equus Magnus, a prehistoric ancestor of the modern day horse. Its stripes indicate an African variant of Equus Giganteus, a species that thrived in North America during the Ice Age. However this is merely speculation. Its behaviour is similar to that of horses today – the majority of this animals time is spent grazing and its survival, against predators, is reliant on its ability to stay within the herd when fleeing hunters with speed and stamina.

Domesticated: A reliable partner to man. This new species will provide the player with a trusty steed that delivers them swiftly and safely to each destination. Equus’ reliability has led to the development of special saddles that double as mobile crafting stations for foods, chemical supplies and numerous other items. Equus can also be used to herd other creatures, with the addition of extra-long whips and specialised lassos. These tools are also effective in self-defence, as Equus is limited in its combat capabilities when compared to some of the more dangerous prehistoric carnivores.


It will be interesting to see Equus introduced into the world of ARK: Survival Evolved. Although maybe not as impressive as riding a Raptor or T-Rex, this high endurance mount will definitely be efficient for travel. We are particularly intrigued by the capacity and utility of their saddles and are eagerly awaiting more information.

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