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Aberration, the upcoming DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved should have been released in October but got delayed to November. While November is almost over the official release date of the DLC got announced, setting it for next month.

Going Underground

At December 12th you are able to explore Aberration. You will be playing on a malfunctioned ARK with extreme radiation on the surface, causing you to take your chances underground. The new ARK looks beautiful and horrific at the same time and will challenge you to survive the underground horrors. With new creatures to tame, fight and an addition to the crafting system with 50 new items, the DLC looks to be big. A full breakdown of the expansion you will find here.

Aberration will be the second paid expansion pack for the game and is priced at 20 euro, if you own the season pass you can expect the DLC in your library at the release. Season Pass owners also get exclusive in-game Aberration-themed cosmetic item skins.

PlayStation Skins & Xbox Crossplay

PlayStation players are finally able to access the season pass skins in-game. To access them you have to go to the PlayStation Store and download the skins there, as Sony marks the bonuses as DLC. But don’t worry, the skins are free.

The skins that season pass holders will get on Playstation.

On December 12th, Xbox will get the play anywhere update, allowing you to crossplay between Xbox and Windows 10 players. With a simple check box on the host menu, players can allow this on their own servers or sessions.



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