As announced in July, Studio Wildcard will fully release their hit dino survival ARK: Survival Evolved on the 29th of August. However, with this monumental occasion comes the deep dark truth that was always inevitable. Players prepare yourselves; on the 29th there will be a complete overhaul and restructure of the ARK server system. Hundreds of unused and quiet servers are set to be removed across all platforms. If you’re worried that your home is on the kill list, read on.

Say Your Farewells

According to Wildcard, 33% of the existing servers are on the kill list. Each selected server was given the farewell order due to their lack of regular players or unpopular game modes. In four days time at 6am these servers will be taken offline for 8 hours to be re-purposed for the brand new branch of servers. If your server is on the kill list, we highly recommend getting online asap to transfer your dinos and equipment before the ship sinks. However, as a host, your server may not be completely lost. Wildcard are likely to create storage space for the deceased, meaning on Saturday you may be able to download the server and re-host after the culling.

Important: After the change on the 29th of August, the outdated server cluster will no longer receive supportUpdates and fixes will continue to be reported, but the support will be concentrated on the new cluster due to insufficient capacity.

The Kill Lists by Platform:

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