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Snail Games USA, developer of the recent and not so successful fantasy MMO Dark and Light, is currently working on an ARK Survival Evolved spin-off titled ARK Park. With the recent release of a second trailer, there can be no doubt that this virtual reality game has taken much of it’s inspiration from the famous film franchise Jurassic Park. However, has Snail Games overstepped?

Jurassic P (ark)

This new trailer begins with a panning shot of a futuristic train taking excited park guests through a towering, yet somewhat familiar, gateway onto an island of dinosaurs and prehistoric attractions. Much like the films, it seems the creators have “spared no expense” in constructing the ultimate dino-themed park. So when everything goes wrong and the rampaging sharp tooths fight back, there’s only one thing to do. Gear up and get ready to fight for survival!

ARK Park’s second trailer definitely paints a more aggressive and gun-oriented picture than the original. The peaceful and harmonious life between mankind and the animals is forcefully replaced with a gritty VR shooter full of guns galore. Will this human vs dino battle be the only available mode, or is there more to explore and experience?

Oddly enough, from the floating familiar obelisks above the island, it seems as though ARK Park is still based on some kind of ARK Island. This is strange to say the least and we here at Survivethis are curious to learn how exactly these obelisks will tie into the story and gameplay.

Taking inspiration from such a popular and successful franchise as Jurassic Park is definitely not the worst move by Snail Games, and it may very well bring in herds of eager ARK/Park fans. However, have these excited developers taken a little too much from the Jurassic giant? Could copyright conflicts arise with Universal Studios, and are Snail Games prepared for that possibility? We shall see.

What do you think, is ARK Park stepping a little too far over the line with their likeness Snail Games has yet to announce a release date for it’s VR experiment ARK Park.

Jurassic Park
Don’t move.


SOURCEGamespot via YouTube
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