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As expected, Studio Wildcard has appeared at this years Gamescom to promote the full release of ARK: Survival Evolved. The developers not only revealed the entire Ragnarok DLC map to the public, but also spoke eagerly about some selective content with only a handful of press representatives. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Associate Producer Jatheish Karunakaran (Jat) and Producer Navin Supphapholsiri. 

Just Days Away

ARK will be released in just a few days, on the 29th of August, on all platforms. In addition to the main game, players will be getting their grubby mitts on the Ragnarok expansion, The Center expansion and the Primitive + mod pack. Not to mention over 500 hours worth of fun in singleplayer and so much more in multiplayer. With all this content, we believe the high price of £49.99 is justified.

Right up until release day, the developers over at Wildcard will be hard at work trying to make sure the performance is as optimised as possible. They claim to be working tirelessly to fix bugs, glitches and add all of the remaining content before the 29th. We can’t wait to see the phoenix added to the Scorched Earth map!

VR & Unfair Dino Flyers

I think I speak for everyone when i say ARK: Survival Evolved in VR would be amazing. Unfortunately, although the technology is readily available, it still leaves much to be desired. Wildcard has decided to stay away from VR for this very reason. The ARK developers state that they will not implement VR till the technology is developed and mature enough to ensure smooth and fluid gameplay across the board. If you’re not patient enough to wait, why not check out the upcoming VR supported title ARK Park by Snail Games.

Anyone who actively plays ARK will understand how much of a pain trying to tame one of the flying creatures is. Due to their small hitboxes, taking down your first flyer is probably one of the toughest activities on the island. One of our writers, Michael, wanted to know why this is so. To our dismay, Jat’s answer was not at all satisfying. He explained that the hitbox size cannot be increased because that would lead to poorer performance and problems with optimisation. Michael wasn’t too happy.

New Content, DLCs & Optimisations for the Future

Although in four days ARK: Survival Evolved will experience it’s full release, the developers are far from finished with the project. The future holds many more patches and content for the players. They aim to add another 15 new creatures in the next patch and another DLC is set to be announced on the 29th of August. However, no one would spill the beans. We are very excited for the future of ARK: Survival Evolved!




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