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ARK 2 was recently announced by Studio Wildcard and will launch exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X | S in 2022. But what about PlayStation players?

That’s going on: Studio Wildcard announced ARK 2 on December 10th during The Game Awards Show. While the trailer was running, it was not yet known which platforms ARK 2 would run on. Lead Community Manager Cedric then confirmed via Twitter that ARK 2 will be released exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

Now the official Xbox News site Xbox Wire has published more details in an article. Accordingly, it is an Xbox Series X | S and PC “Launch Exclusive” title.

They go into it further and emphasize that ARK and Microsoft have a long history, like ARK: Survival Evolved Launch Exclusively appeared first on the Xbox in the preview after the EA release. PS4 players were only allowed to enter dinosaur survival a year later.

More about ARK 2:

What does this mean for PlayStation 5 users?

What we think about it: Since ARK 2 is also a “launch exclusive title”, as with the first part, the Dino Survival will initially only appear on the PC and the Xbox Series X | S. Probably also in an early access version, which will also appear for the PlayStation 5 after its release, or a year later. A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version is probably excluded.

Microsoft and Studio Wildcard would lose a ton of money if they shut out the PlayStation community entirely. A time exclusivity sounds more sensible here.

But how it will ultimately be, only Studio Wildcard can tell us. We will definitely stay tuned for you and will inform you as soon as we know more.

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  1. i hate tis so much like iv been playing ark on my ps4 for a vary vary long time like when the ark two trailer
    came out i got so excited for it and i was play ing ark and beating every story ark so i no whats happening
    but when i found this page like omg i was about 2 delete ark >:( >:(

  2. Look at these adorable little Ps kiddies expecting everything right off the bat, first of all: Playstation doens’t allow early access titles (Which Wildcard/Ark asked for and was denied) hence why Xbox had early access, and is getting early access here. Because Xbox/Microsoft care for their users and care for developers and are willing to support them.

    Playstation/Sony offered no help and only allowed release 12 months later as a full product having Xbox/PC players ‘test’ the game.

    No you pay that price, wait. If you want games, move console.

    If you want early access titels, move console.

    If you’re happy waiting, paying more for 1st party titles, and less backwards compatibility, less resolution. buy a Shitstation.

  3. Um isn’t it the same for ps5 spiderman and so many are exclusive. At least it come out in a year after launch like the first ark did just pc got it before xbox only different

  4. This is absolutely fucking ridiculous.. I’m an avid ark player on PS4 but I see Ark wants to send their ps players over to Conan. You need to stop with the elites ass bullshit and put the game on both console so all gamers can partake.

  5. many players on console ps4 wise will be very pissed to see the game only be „exclusive“ to microsoft. personally so would i. i was looking to be involved in the next series of it but if thats the case, it will be very dissapointing and they will lose many player based fans in the end and ALOT of funds.


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