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Survival games are clearly defined, and so is build-up strategy. But could it be that these two genres are in fact the same or at least more similar than you think?

That’s the definition of survival: As you may know, survival games such as DayZ or Rust have one thing in common. We need to survive at all costs. For this, we need to collect food, water and shelter. But we are also on the hunt for better gear.

But when you think about games like Frostpunk or Banished, wouldn’t you think of them as survival strategy? I think that every build-up strategy game is indeed a survival game.


Survival And Strategy: Where do they overlap?

Resources are key: In both genres we need to find resources. Let it be water or food or even iron and coal. In some games we need to find these types of materials in order to survive and thrive. In others, we have to build a working society and provide shelter and necessaries for our people, so they will live.

At first, it seems too far-fetched but listen! In Ark: Survival Evolved you keep upgrading your workbench and skill set. In Anno 1800, for example, you will improve your factories. What I want to clarify is that in both strategy and survival you have to complete the same tasks despite calling them differently. And in the end, the only thing that matters in both genres is survival against all odds.

Build-Up Strategy Games already Labeled As Survival!

Here is why Steam agrees: If we take a look at the steam store we will encounter many build-up strategy games that are already marked as survival games too and vice versa. Its most obvious with the previously mentioned games Frostpunk and Banished, because their premise is clearly survival.

But as always, all that glitter is not gold, and so is not every build-up strategy game a true survival experience. In order to get your hands on the best survival strategy mixes I created a list for you with the best choices to through a look at:

Top 10 Build Up Strategy:

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