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After making American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns, gamedesigner McGee wanted to work on new projects and left his publisher EA. A lot of fans are asking for a part three of the series, but what are the odds of it happening?

American McGee

As game designer for publisher EA ( Electronic Arts) McGee was able to work on the Alice series. When he left EA McGee lost the ability to work on any future Alice games. Because EA are the owners of the Alice series they decide who will work on the games. Therefore part three will most likely be produced, published and distributed by them.

Fans got confused when Alice: Otherlands appeared on McGee’s Kickstarter. Alice: Otherlands is a series of short movies as well as an animated sequel of Alice: Madness returns. Since it are short movies, the rights of Alice were used which aren’t controlled by EA.

The Pitch of Alice: Asylum

After his successful Kickstarter project Out of the woods, McGee started on a new project: the building of a pitch for part three of the Alice franchise, named Alice: Asylum. It will include artwork, a design outline and a financial model. When the pitch is finished McGee will send the concept to EA. At that moment it’s up to them to decide what to do with the pitch and if they will hire McGee to work with them on the new game.

McGee motivates fans of the franchise to use social media to contact EA about a further game. Because maybe if we show how much we want a part three, EA will start to think about it.


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