Agony is a first-person survival horror game in development by MadMind Studio. In 2016 their Kickstarter came to live and the release date for the game is set for March 30 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To bare the waiting, a new cinematic trailer got released featuring the Red Goddess.

Thirsty for blood

In Agony you are a tormented soul stuck in hell with no memories of your past. To survive you have the ability to control people and posses lower demons on your path. While exploring, the question on how to escape hell gets answered: the only way to escape is by meeting the mystical Red Goddess.

Well, a mystery no longer as a new cinematic trailer got uploaded featuring the Red Goddess. So what does this new trailer show us? Well, a lot of naked demons are crawling to the Red Goddess who is pouring blood over them. But that’s not all, as some demons just decided to eat some of the poor fallen humans and looking at all those skulls some of which already got devoured. While the video gives us a good look at the Red Goddess’ appearance the music of the trailer is simply beautiful and frightening.



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