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Hell hath no fury like a demon scorn. Yesterday, Madmind Studio released the long awaited Demon Gameplay video for their upcoming first person horror game, Agony. After weeks of teasing, we have finally received a first look at the gameplay.

Possession and Madness

For those unfamiliar, Agony is a yet to be released survival horror game set in Hell. It features an unnamed protagonist who wakes with no memory in an underworld that knows no limits. The current known features include the power to possess and control the demons you encounter while you try to escape the madness. This power of possession will provide you the protection needed to survive this horrid environment. Agony’s intriguing storyline and colourful, modern graphics are sure to give us a new take on what true Hell really is.

Your goal is to reach the tree of life and meet the “Red Goddess“. She is the only creature in Hell who can set your soul free, but will she? You will have to solve riddles, destroy demons and defeat hellish bosses to reach the Red Goddess and your one chance at freedom. Madmind Studio did mention at Gamescom 2016, that Agony will get progressively harder as you move closer to the end goal. They claim that only the most skilled gamers will be able to complete it.

You can expect there to be more teasers and gameplay trailers released as we get closer to the eventual date of Agony’s launch.

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