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These days there are few horror games that can appeal to all horror fiends alike, whether hardcore gore lovers or mild bloodthirsty fans. Somehow, developers PlayWay found a way to tap into our twisted minds and create a horror game filled with our sick fantasies and fears; this is Agony. In their latest Kickstarter update, the developers answer some community questions regarding a second demo, release date, censorship and future DLC content.

Second Demo and Future Release Date?

When PlayWay released their Agony: Official Demon Gameplay video, we were hoping to get a second playable demo to experience all those hellish scenes firsthand. Unfortunately, the developers have announced that we won’t be able to play any of the Demon Gameplay until the game’s full release. However, there will be a second demo with extended play of the first demo and new mechanics. There isn’t an official release date for this demo yet, but the developers promise to post an update about it in the future.

PlayWay was previously planned for a May 2017 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This is no longer the case, however, as a Q2 2017 date was revealed to be the new targeted release date.

What’s the Severity of Its Censorship?

One look at the gameplay footage and images of Agony, and it’s clear that heavy censorship will take place. The game features several types of nightmare inducing monstrous demons in a world full of fire, flesh and bone. As the main setting is Hell itself, the torture scenes and grotesque environment do not come as a surprise. What we are concerned about however, is how many of these scenes will be kept in-game and how many will be cut for censorship? The developers have offered us a little insight: They stated that all scenes we witnessed in the demo and trailers have already been altered somewhat.

After a short while of working on Agony, the developers contacted Sony, Microsoft and Steam with questioning the limits to their content. Some scenes in the game were changed because of concern with being banned from certain platforms. However, the developers claim that the discarded scenes were not hugely impactful on the story. It seems as though Agony will still have gore galore left to shock us in-game. Do keep in mind that it is still possible Agony will be banned in several countries because of its mature content.

Length of Story Mode and Future DLC Content?

Agony is estimated to take 7 hours to complete, however this depends on the skills level of the player. However, if you want to complete all the endings and secrets as well, that’ll tack on an extra 10 hours of gameplay.

Even with the game still in the development phase, there are already questions being asked about the future DLCs. The developers stated they already have plans for DLC content to enter production after the game is released. Whether or not they will go through with their plans depends on the reception of the game and the amount of funds they have leftover. If you want future content for Agony, support PlayWay by purchasing a copy of the game when it releases this year.


SOURCEAgony Via Kickstarter
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