Madmind Studio recently released a new teaser for their demon infested, hell-set survival horror game, Agony. More information will be available soon regarding the game.

The World Below

You will experience literal agony while playing Agony, as you take on the role of a tormented soul trapped in the “depths of hell”. To make players feel even more uneasy, the game will be in first person. You will be taken along a path of self-discovery, trying to recall forgotten memories of your past. During the exploration of this hellish environment, you will interact with the other trapped and dreadful souls around you. With your “special ability to control people on your path”, especially simple minded demons, you’ll attempt to fight your way out of hell.

A gameplay demo will be released tomorrow, February 28th, so you can experience the savage environment for yourself. Agony will eventually have a full release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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