If you’ve been marking your calendars then you know today’s article is the fourth and final guide in the Agony demon series. However, on the bright side, it seems we may have saved the best for last. The subject of this article just so happens to be our creepy crawly friend, the Spider. Fair warning to all you gamers with arachnophobia out there.

A New Form of Hell

Agony is full of many disgusting abominations spawned in Hell for the purpose of evoking misery and torture. The Spider demon is no exception. This beast sets a new standard for all the demons in Hell with its ability to make even the most ruthless of sinners terrified.

Ironically, the Spider is not a spider at all. It is more of a monstrous creature created from the discarded limbs of sinners, moulded together in a repulsive and satanic manner. You will be rendered motionless at the very sight of this demonic creature. The sickening way that the contorted limbs twist around it’s body as the Spider makes its way towards you is enough to scare anyone.

When in the Spider’s lair, always remain silent.

Within’ the Spider’s Lair

Since this demon is entirely comprised from the corpses of sinners, it doesn’t have a brain or heart and isn’t very selective. If you accidentally stumble into it’s lair, the hands of the sinners will grab hold and devour you.

The Spider lives alone in it’s cave, lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye out — waiting for another unfortunate soul to wander into their doom. Nothing short of a deadly killer. Since this beast has no eyes or ears, the hair on its body absorbs sounds and can detect fear. This is how the Spider locates prey with impeccable accuracy.

Survival Tips:

  • The Spider is blind and deaf – use this to your advantage.
  • It is a good idea to upgrade your character’s strength before facing the Spider for the first time.
  • The Spider detects prey with the hair on their body and uses it travel through Agony.
  • Stay away from the shadows – the Spider’s lair lies here.
  • It is best to move in silence whatever the Spider is nearby.

Agony Game: Enemy Guide – The Spider Claims its prey!

Hopefully you will find this four part guide series helpful during your journey through Hell. Agony is a first person survival horror game due out for release in June 2017 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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