Are you ready for round three? This is now the third guide to Agony’s sadistic enemies – that means only one left to go! Today we are going to take a trip into the warped psyche of the Onoskelis.

The Master of Torture and Misery

This callous soul is known in Hell for its role as the Red Goddess’ primitive priestess. She is well regarded for her wickedness and impeccable ability to cause the highest levels of torment and misery. It is believed that the Onoskelis is the first demon to greet you on your path to eternal damnation.

Well if she’s your welcome mat, then that would make her the true embodiment of Hell. Believe you me she’s almost inescapable and not easily forgettable. Almost every soul that encounters the Onoskelis swiftly meets a brutal end. However, occasionally, when she is in a playful mood, she will not slaughter you right away. Instead she will pursue you tirelessly until you are consumed by insanity. Fun i know.

She is the best of the best when it comes to torture and misery.

She Can Never Get Enough

You will be alerted to her presence when you hear an ear-shattering cackle echoing throughout the caverns of Hell. Her laugh is also the soundtrack that accompanies her victims’ temptation for self-harm and suicide.

She is one of the most active demons in Agony. The intensity of her thirst for all things sinful goes unrivalled. She has an unquenchable craving for blood that is never fully satisfied. The Onoskelis is seductive, headstrong and relentless. It would be in your best interests to steer clear of this demon.

Encountering the Onoskelis

Her eternal soul is believed to burn in the fiery pits deep within Hell and this serves as the motivation behind her killing. So if she sets her sights on you, it will take a hell of a strategy to escape her torment. On the forsaken day you encounter an Onoskelis, it goes without saying she will make it her mission to rid you of any kind of peace. You’ll hear her whispering and breathing against the back of your neck, closing in with every cackle. This is all part of her trap. When you least expect it, she will reveal herself and drag you back to her lair.

Don’t be foolish enough to underestimate the Onoskelis.

Survival Tips:

  • Although she is a powerful demon, she doesn’t come close to the power of the Succubus and the Chort. Use them against her!
  • Fire is a useful distraction during encounters with an Onoskelis.
  • Use her lack of vision to your advantage. However, avoid making too much noise when near her!

Stay tuned for the fourth and final article coming soon!


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