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Survivethis.news is an ambitious project that aims to bring readers the latest and greatest horror and survival game news. Our goal is to build the largest survival community and to establish our site globally

The Story:

Before the website, the creators of Survivethis, covered and produced gaming news for a German Facebook page called “Archon Gaming”. However, when DayZ Standalone entered early access at the end of 2013, we noticed that little was being said on the title. Archon Gaming took this opportunity to create a site that would focus exclusively on DayZ news and guides.

The site grew in size and popularity far quicker than any of us expected and as a result we branched out to cover more than just DayZ. We became a hub for survival and horror game news and Survivethis was born june 2014.

Who is behind Survivethis?

Survivethis was founded by Sascha Asendorf; as of now, the site is run by several individuals around the world. Our German and English sites consist of German, English, American and Austrian editors. Check out our active writers and editors on our Team page. We are all volunteers. As of right now, Survivethis is an unpaid organisation, that aims to provide great news. Everything we do is for the fans of the survival and horror genres.

What is the purpose of Survivethis?

Survivethis is there to offer you a platform for gaming news. We are here to provide game introductions, guides, news and updates on common and obscure titles alike. Come to us for any survival and horror game information in German and English. Visit our Facebook page! We want to give our readers a place to exchange, discuss and find new friends through our content. Without our supportive community, Survivethis.news wouldn’t exist.



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